Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My new job is GREAT. I am digging it. However, it's introduced me to "Restricted Access". Meaning, I can't read or comment at work. And since I used to do it.... At work. Argh.

2. Gab has bloodwork today, and if all goes well, chemo tomorrow!!!! Fingers crossed, yes?

3. I had to rearrange my week due to other commitments - dinner with a friend Tuesday (aka speedwork day), and dinner with the cousin today (aka tempo run day). I intended to run Monday and Wednesday instead. Monday was good. But last night? Total flop. So I really thought I'd run this morning (because that's worked out so well for me previously...). I set out my stuff. I went to bed early. I woke up at 5:30. And it was pitch black out. And I HAVE to be out by 5:45 to finish in time to get ready for work. Fail. I just don't want to run in the dark.

3b. Sorry, cousin, in advance for probably being sweaty when you come over tonight.


  1. oh good luck with the blood work. I'll be saying a little prayer.

  2. I know the devil that is restricted access. However, it just seems to pop up whenever we "might" see underwear or swimsuits so for now blogs are okay.

    Fingers crossing here for Gab!

  3. Oh I would hate restricted access! They cut us off from Facebook, but I can still check blogs but I just cant comment on them at work for some reason.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for good bloodwork from Gab!

  4. BOO to number 1!!! Restricted access sucks!

    and I want to add a number to your list.

    4. ONE WEEK!!!

  5. I've never been able to read fun sites at work - !! It's probably a good thing for me b/c I'd never get anything done :)
    That's what our cool crazy computer phones are for, right?


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