Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I just discovered the tab key on my keyboard does not work. Stupid.

2. I wore running clothes to work today. Why? Why not?


3. I ran 4 miles Tuesday morning. Before work. As in, I set my alarm, and got out of bed, and put on running clothes, and shoes, and ran. And maaaaan, did it suck, a LOT. And then my quads and shins decided to rebel all day yesterday like i had just run some crazy miles. Hello, quads, shins, it was just FOUR. Shut up. You're fine. Sheesh.

3.5. Today is speedwork. I think I'll do 400's. They feel challenging, and over so fast I can't possibly die while I'm doing them. Right?



  1. 3 weeks!!!

    I set my alarm to do 4 miles this morning. Didn't work. I was awake and wanted to, but was just too dizzy. The thought of suffering for 4 miles of dizziness before work just didn't sound appealing. I'm going to try tonight. I HAVE to get ready ... only THREE WEEKS!!!

  2. go for it! 400's are heart pumpin for sure!

  3. When you get old and crusty like me you you'll be up and running before the birds and you'll just throw your alarm away because you won't even need it. It's just a matter of time before I need Polident.

  4. holy cow, three weeks. I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow to run. not happy!

  5. I wish I could wear running clothes to work... that would make me very happy. Ah, but these accountants, they seem to think we need to dress for client. blah.

  6. Three weeks, yippee! I am going to the park on Saturday night, so I can't meet up at Cheesecake Factory :( but we should try and meet up on sunday sometime!

  7. Nice job on your 4-miler!

    I ALMOST wore running clothes to work today too. Well, I fantasized about it. But no one would I didn't ;(

  8. i try and incorporate gym clothes into my every day attire as much as possible. its just so comfy.


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