Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Recap, and July Rewind

So, I 'fessed up last week to feeling extra super duper lazy. What happened last week:

Monday - Went for a 2 mile walk with The H and Gabby, around the lake
Tuesday - nada
Wednesday - zero
Thursday - zip
Friday - etc
Saturday - Biked 5 miles to the TNT meeting spot (I'll blog more on this separately), then later another 2 mile walk with H and Gab
Sunday - 90 minutes (!!!) at the pool learning to freestyle, followed by 1 mile hill run, and short walk later in the evening

Swimming was pretty fantastic! I might be a convert. The bike was great also.... I am bumming #1's bike, but I am going to have to break down and get myself one eventually.

My left knee has been kind of bugging me, and I had a PT at the TNT training take a look at it... he massaged it and did some pokey stuff to my quad, and it felt great! Then, on my walk last night it got wonky again. Weirdo knee.

I think I was just... I don't know. Burnt out, maybe? A week off and introducing some new stuff felt good, though, so this week, I'm back.

Monday - Swim?
Tuesday - 4 miles, easy (Knee Test)
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - 4 miles, 400's
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 8 miles easy
Sunday - Swim, followed by short recovery run or bike

It's sinking in that I've got another half, like, AROUND THE FREAKING CORNER. I probably should get some miles in.


July Rewind....
Ran 41 miles (scheduled for 63 - oops)
Ran just over my 10K goal
Nailed almost every training pace
Ran my fastest 4 miles ever

I sucked at Sucking Less

I took two unplanned weeks off (Florida, and last week)

All in all... not exactly happy, I don't like to not stick to my schedule. But I'm thrilled with how the training I did translated into my great 10K.

What's on the schedule for August?

Disneyland training!
77 miles total
Wet n' Wild 5K on the 27th
Less lazy, more doing


  1. I am so stoked for Wet and Wild. I'm trying to figure out if I want to wear shoes through the water part.

  2. How can one not be lazy? I swear that's all I wanna do is procrastinate and sit around. I think your July looks good despite what you say. It's summer after all. Shouldnt we be kicking back without guilt?

  3. Yea for Disneyland! It will be here soon!!
    Isn't swimming amazing?! It gets your heart pumping but no sweat, love it!

  4. So. Damn. Excited. For. Disney.

    PS... ROSE... I hope I get to meet you there! Fruit Fly said you two are walking the 5k, maybe we should try to meet up before? A said she wants to wear her Minnie dress again.

    Anyway, I have the burnt out feeling too. I'm planning on blaming mine on the stupid sun/heat.

  5. Um yes ... I need to get my ass in gear!!! I'm going to try to do even half of the work you do!


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