Monday, August 22, 2011

Clarification.... Maintenance?!

I need to clear something up.

I certainly WISH Gab was almost done with chemo.

But she's really not.

She's one step away from the final stage of her treatment - Maintenance.

What is maintenance?
Maintenance: The final phase of treatment lasts two or three years. Maintenance is much less intensive than the previous treatment and consists mostly of oral medications given at home. There are also intermittent intravenous and intrathecal medications given throughout this phase.


She'll still be in maintenance, and receiving chemo (daily, at home). It's just a MUCH less intense regimen than what she's experienced so far.

We've been sort of thinking of maintenance as a giant milestone. Gab gets a bit more freedom in maintenance.

It's still two years worth of chemo, just.... Less. Easier, if chemo is ever easy. .

We're still pretty damn lucky.


  1. I have a friend who's daughter is at the begining of all..was recently diagnosed with same thing and maintenance is what is keeping her going..the light at the end of a tunnel...not THE light but at least a light....

    I am happy weird word in this situtation..hmm glad is better I guess..that you are almost there

    She is one brave little girl for sure and you are one brave mom!

  2. i'm so glad she gets to be home. Praying for a successful maintenance!!

  3. Big hugs to all of you. Gabs is one tough and precious girl!

  4. Steps closer to being done, you are all tough cookies.
    PS. thanks for asking how I was : ) I am good, just WICKED busy. Ah such is life though, eh?


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