Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, something sure the hell ain't right.

Did you know this is Leukemia Awareness Week?

Leukemia is one of those things, for me, that I knew about - I always thought it was sad, of course, but... it was not really on my radar. A few years ago, I signed up for Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I didn't know anything about blood cancers, and while I found the stories touching, they weren't really... life impacting, for me. I just wanted to be a runner.

Some of you are new followers, and might not know how my last month unfolded. It started with a cold. I've got three kids, in two different schools, so unsurprisingly, someone brought home a cough.

Three weeks after this cough started, it still hadn't stopped for Gabby. But all the kids in her class were also coughing, so.. it didn't seem like much. I brought her to the doctor, and they thought nothing of it. She'd be fine.

New Years Eve, she was kinda sleepy and bleh. I thought it was her body resting and fighting off whatever funk was left.

New Years day, when she wouldn't get off the couch or eat, still, I gave in and brought her to urgent care.

Something sure the hell ain't right. Something was really, really wrong.

I brought her to Urgent Care, and they took one look at her, and sent us to the ER down the street.

I brought her to the ER, and the nurse on duty took one look at her, and cleared a bed and brought her back. 5 minutes, from door to bed. Done.

Within 20 minutes, she had a chest X-Ray, blood draws, and IV's. Shortly after, the doctor came back in, and said, for real, "There's some abnormalities in her blood. I've been on the phone with the children's hospital. They are sending a transport ambulence for you now. The Oncology ICU is waiting for her."

And there is nothing you can imagine, scarier than that.

You can read about her official diagnosis HERE

And everything in between then, and now, tells her story.

Me, I'm just a mom. A mom starting to run. A mom with two other kids, a full time job, and a husband. A mom with an already full plate.

I'm not a fast runner. I'm not a perfect wife. I'm not the World's Greatest Boss.

But I do have amazing support, through my blog, through my favorite message board, through the running community.

And now, I'm counting on that support to help support the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is holding its Annual "Cinco de Mayo Races" on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Irvine. The money raised will fund research that explores causes, treatments and cures for pediatric cancer.

My donation link is HERE.

And this is where the fun starts...

There's a Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K option for this race.

I'm willing to do ANY distance, but the distance I do depends on how much I raise.

$500 for the 5K

$750 for the 10K

$1000 for the half marathon

That's it.

In the next few weeks, I've got some great giveaways lined up, and the more you donate, the more entries you'll earn.

I know this is a loooong post. But Gabby has TWO YEARS of chemo treatments. Two years, where she can't play in the sun. She can't go to Disneyland. We can't travel to visit our families. TWO YEARS where her sisters can't have their normal lives back.

And that sure the hell ain't right.

5 bonus entries on my first giveaway to whomever can guess what movie my title quote is from.


  1. Hm..... my awesome tech skills tell me your quote is from Serenity. A movie I haven't seen, but now maybe I should!

  2. P.S.

    I think this is an awesome idea!! I'm running a half marathon that day, so I think we all need to make sure that YOU have to do that, too!!

  3. P.P.S.

    I bought mailing envelopes today. Your package is going out in the mail tomorrow!

  4. Well done, mama! I think you'd better be prepared to run FAR. Your 2 year thing made me cry a little... I did Team in Training too!

  5. G, you're awesome and I wish I could hug you. I am totally donating to your cause. Your blog post made me cry. I totally know that you can do this!!! You're going to be great!!

  6. You're so right..it's NOT right! Donating today.

  7. I know you've commented on my blog for awhile, but I hadn't clicked over to yours until I saw Marcia's post a few days ago. My prayers are with you, and I hope my small contribution helps in some way.

    Looking forward to hopefully meeting you at the Princess Half!

  8. not sure what movie that is from!

    I sent a small donation to Marcia this weekend, for the sticker fundraiser she did for you guys.....keeping you in my thoughts!

  9. Terrible news - hoping it all turns out okay.

  10. I believe G. Hurts my heart, takes my breathe away - but I believe. dot

  11. I just checked your balance... looks like you'll be running a half marathon!!!

  12. Looks like the fund raising is going well. It's great that The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation holds these races each year to raise money and awareness, I think it's very important. I will be running a half marathon the same day and will be thinking of you and your family. I'll definitely be donating!

  13. My heart goes out to you and Gabby. I am a donor (and would love to be a match, the sooner the better!) ever since my cousin's son was diagnosed. My middle boy has medical conditions, and so we have spent a lot of time at CHOC and the E.R., and have met many couragous parents like you. My prayers are with you. You are living a tough, tough life right now.

    Oddly, I began running when my son was going through his toughest times. Running helped me meditate and kind of lose myself, and his conditions made everything else so unimportant, that I could finally run (before that I couldn't even run a block).


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