Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iFitness Belt Winners!

Um. So, there were two entrants and two belts. THANKFULLY, I got a bunch of donations to PCRF out of this, but only two chicks want an awesome iFitness Belt? Weirdos.

Anyway, Little Fruit Fly and Dee - I know you'll both be at Princess weekend, lemme know if you want me to mail your belts, or give them to you then!!

Congrats :D


  1. YAY!! Congrats to the two coolest people that wanted to donate and get belts. They are obviously really awesome!

    Do you think if you mail it, it will get to Oregon by Tuesday? That's when I leave town. If not, we can find each other in Florida!

    Thanks!! I'm so excited I was a winner. I was totally going to get an iFitness belt at the expo. And pink is perfect!

  2. I of course wanted one, but since I already have one, I figured someone that didn't should get one. Yay to Fruitfly for winning!!! :D

  3. YAY! No need to mail it. I'll find you at Disney in a week! :-D

  4. I'm with Dee.... I'll find you there! I'm a moron and had no idea it was already Wednesday. I think my head is so freaking scattered with visions of popcorn and French fries and Mickey ears that I never know the day anymore!

    Besides this is a great way to force us to meet up. YAY!!


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