Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ten Million Tangent Wednesday

1. That title made a LOT more sense when I thought it was Tuesday.

2. I don't care, I'm leaving it that way.

3. I seriously considered dropping caffeine pre-Princess, pretending that I'm hardcore like Frayed Laces, but I couldn't do it. I'm not that hard.

4. I recieved the INCREDIBLE donation from Marcia The Studly Runner, and she included this gem in the email:
Here are the funds raised thru my Running Off For a Cause efforts. More than the $$, know that so many are thinking of you and sending loads of get well/kick Leukemia to the curb thoughts to you, Gabby and the rest of your family. Cheers! Marcia

So the truth. Thanks, to everyone who thought good things, prayed, and hoped for the best.

5. Gabby's news keeps being good.... she's being taken off the blood pressure meds as well, which leaves us (on this cycle) with one more lumbar puncture, 1 pill a day, and a "Yummy!" grape liquid two days a week. AWESOME.

6. A local foundation contacted us last week to let us knowt hat Gabby was selected as the Patient of Honor for a local 5K. I was thrilled to hear that. I was equally bummed to hear that the 5K is, of course, Princess Weekend. I briefly considered switching flights to leave Saturday afternoon, but I couldn't find a flight that worked. I then considered, hard, skipping Princess Weekend, and staying here with Gab. Thankfully, The H is a rock star and is taking the Kidlets to participate, run some of the kids races, meet celebrities, and hang out with the VIP's. It's a tough life he leads.

7. But if anyone in OC is looking for a fun run, The OC Hope and Harmony 5K run/walk is Saturday, 2/26, at the Wild Rivers/Verizon Ampitheater Complex. Registration is a little steep, but all proceeds benefit the Beckstrand Foundation. If you're a cynic like me, and hate giving cash to random foundations, please take my word for this - Beckstrand is real, they're 100% legit. They're helping us out immensely.

8. I ran 3 miles last night, and it was glorious.

9. Still vegetarian. I still love it.

10. I leave in 9 days! SINGLE DIGITS!

11. I'm flying Virgin America. I hear they're pretty fab.

12. Racing With Babes posted a funny story about Dizzle, and how tough it is to discipline kids when they're being goofballs. This is very true, and here is my story. #1 was always good in school, always brought home green's in her agenda (you know, green=good, yellow=meh, red=stop being a punk). Within a few weeks of #2 starting school, she brought home a RED in her agenda. I asked her what happened...
#2: I ran during a fire drill.
Me: Ohhh. But you can't do that, you have to listen to your teacher.
#2: But if there's fire, I will run!
Me: Well, but the teacher has to tell you where to go, you have to listen to her and follow her directions.
#2: I know where the door is. If there is a fire, I will run for the door.

How do you argue with that?

13. Finally... I keep giggling at this video.


  1. This post made me happy. Randomness is awesome. Seriously love that fire drill logic. I'd be running too!

  2. Are you running alone at Disney? I'll be there, too! I'm running alone...

  3. Okay, #2 is obviously on to something here. I mean why linger if you could potentially be stuck in a building going up in flames??

    SINGLE DIGITS!!!! I'm leaving town in 1 week and 4 hours. A week from now I'll be eating in the Dallas airport!

    Ooh - you might have to take some pictures in the airplane! This flight sounds fancy pantsy!!

  4. J and I always comment on the "walk don't run" at the movie theater. Yeah... because THAT is gonna happen.


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