Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love YOUrself Valentine Challenge!

Zoe at Run, Zoe, Run hosted this super fun challenge - 36 readers recieved a very cute Valentine's card from Zoe, with one thing she admires about us, and with these instructions:

These 36 cards come with a cute little skull tattoo, and I want to see where/where they can be photographed! Where, as in on the body (keep it PG, please) and where as in places around the country/world. If you want to participate, all you need to do is send me your address (don't worry, I'm not a psycho, and I definitely don't like spam either, so the address is safe with me). Then, when you get your Valentine, put the tattoo on the part of your body that you are most proud of because of running/life/fitness/etc. Take a picture of the tattoo and e-mail it back to me with 1) why you chose that body part and 2) where you're from. Get creative!

Back a few years ago, before I was ever considering running, I had a foot thing. I had pretty feet. I always had them polished and buffed and shiny. I had a billion pictures of my pretty feet lounging comfortably at the beach...
Repeat, a lot.

We had a big weekend planned - I had 12 miles on the calendar, my sister is visiting, so we did some cleaning, Disneyland, etc. I had to split up my long run, into a 5 miler Saturday morning with PCRF, and 7 Sunday morning, at my favorite time of tooeffingearly o'clock.

Earlier in the week, I'd done a 5 miler, and was kind of achy the next day. I was realy worried about splitting up that long run, and how my second run would go - but I didn't really have a choice. That's just how my schedule worked out.

But I did both runs, and then, after running 7 miles at 6 am, in the dark, and cold, I took the kidlets to Disneyland.

This was the damage...

Pretty gnarly, huh?

I spared Zoe most of the gruesomeness, and sent her this far less creepy shot of my toes in the car after leaving Disneyland.

My 7 miles went fantastic, btw. :D


  1. I have super-creepy feet too after running for a year. I used to love pedicures, now I'm like "don't take those calluses down! I need them!" lol. Funny how vanity goes out the window when you do stuff that just feels good. :)

  2. Fantastic on your fantastic 7!
    You have princess feet compared to mine..blech..

  3. I've always had nice feet too, even without any polish. They even made it through my first marathon without blisters (thanks to Injinji socks) and without lost nails. But a few months of winter training and the feet have gone to all H _ _ _. I sympathize with your beat up feet. But it's all worth it, right? :)

  4. Glad the 7 miles were fantastic! I noticed that on your foot when you posted fb pictures... and now I get why it is there!

    Okay - every time I post on your blog I get tingly butterflies. I'm so excited!! We'll all have to exchange numbers so we can text and meet up at the race or before or after or sometime!

    Um..... who won the giveaway????? I'm antsy and crossing my fingers!!

  5. you are hard core! Love it. Glad those miles were a good set. Well deserved!

  6. LOL. I still have beautiful and dainty feet.

    Hahahahaha :D


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