Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Things to be grateful for, today:
1. Gabby's test results all came back STELLAR. There were no detectable leukemia cells, so the chemo she's had for the last month has basically kicked some leukemia ass. She'll still be on various treatment plans for the next 2 1/2 years, but this is really promising. Based on some other (chromosome??) test, she's got only about a 5% chance of the leukemia ever re-visiting :D.

2. PLUS! We were given clearance for trips to the store, park, uncrowded things... and, as a ONE TIME special, a trip to Disneyland this weekend. So stoked.

3. I ran last night virtually pain free. I suppose intense icing and foam rolling was the trick.

4. Did I mention that I went vegetarian again? I started Saturday, and so far, so good! I made some vegetarian lasagna one night, cheese and veg quesadillas the next, and some fantastic potato and kale soup Monday.

It's a good day.

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  1. That's great news!!! All of it actually!

  2. Wonderful news! Hope the good karma continues!

  3. Wonderful news!! :)

  4. Glad today has brought great news for you and the little one!
    This is a great website with veggie recipes: http://www.molliekatzen.com/archives.php

  5. WOO HOO! Gabby is one bad-ass cancer kickin' mama!
    Seriously, if JessiePants is giving you cooking advice...take it! : )

  6. 1. AWESOME!! Which actually, awesome is an understatement!! I'll have to tell my mom the great news. She's been following along with all of this and will be happy to know you had some happy news to share!
    2. Awesome! Lucky! Have fun!!
    3. Awesome!
    4. Awesome! Vegetarians are awesome!


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