Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

Saturday morning was my first run with the PCRF fundraising team (to donate, you can click here). I was pretty excited to get out there - I'd taken an extra day off, iced and stretched my IT band, and was feeling GREAT. We took off on a 3.5 mile run... and awful. My leg? Hurting. I walked the second up-hill, and that was the end. I didn't get back out. I didn't finish my 7.5 remaining miles. I didn't do my long run. I logged 6.5 miles last week, total.


I spent the rest of Saturday, and all of Sunday, alternately stretching, icing, and foam rolling. Tonight, I attempt again. Fingers corssed?

I also have an update on my Brooks shoes situation...

So I posted this picture on the Brooks Gurus FB page...

And this is the ensuing conversation:
Okay, so that came out teeny, but, essentially, Brooks Gurus tells me that my "nagging" pain (that at this point has been around for 3 full days) is what caused the defective-looking wear on my shoes TWICE, which started last JUNE.

And now I'm pissy, because I've been preaching about how rad Brooks are, and their customer service is above and beyond, and their shoes rock... HERE... and... HERE, for example.

So, something to keep in mind when looking at Brooks in the future, I guess. And such a bummer, because I really did love Brooks.

But what makes this such a Happy Monday?


I think the steroids have run their course, and my kid seems to be back. She spent the weekend being sweet, and huggy, and playful, and moving, and it was I mean. I don't think there are even words for how grateful I was to see her again.

General housekeeping... don't forget about the $25 CSN giveaway! This runs until tomorrow night, and winner announced Wednesday.

I've also been gifted with tons of other goodies from some generous companies, that you'll all love (think fab running supplies)! I'm so excited about these.... Next week :D

And..... of course, my donation page, and our story - please share!

OH! And, Happy Birthday, TMB! Stop by and tell her how awesome she is. I hear she likes that.


  1. Hooray for a happy weekend, she looks so much happier! Good luck with your run tonight, hope it goes well for you. :)

  2. Chuck the shoes and go barefoot..Ok..maybe not all at once...
    OH! That smiley girl! LOVE it!

  3. Sorry about the brooks, what a bummer. But more happy about you kiddo. Back to normal is HUGE!! YES!!

  4. Hip hip hooray for a happy Gabby!!

    ... I'm totally winning your giveaway. (Some time, when I declare my winning status like this, I actually WILL win!)

    And unrelated .... but LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!!!

  5. HA! Am I that transparent? Obviously. You're right, I love to hear how great I am!

  6. Yay for having the kiddo back! Awesome!


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