Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Vegetarianism -- You are what you eat, and who wants to be a lettuce?"

I am two days into The Plan, and it's going so well. I'm pretty pleased.

Saturday, I hit the magical Farmers Market with Snork, and stocked up - kind of. We got there kinda late, and Baby had a potty emergency, then by the time we got back, isht was closing down, so I missed out on some things that I wanted to get. Bummer.

Anyway, what I ended up with at the Farmers Market was:
Beets (shared with Snork)
Green Onions
Rosemary (for The Hair)
Rainbow chard
Pita and hummus
Blood oranges
Lemons (for food and The Hair)
Mushrooms (shared with Snork)
Purple potatoes
Salsa Verde

That's all I can remember off hand.. I'm sure there was more. All told, I was in for $35 at the FM.

I picked up the balance of what I needed at Sprouts and Trader Joes.... onions (which I missed at the FM, darn you late start!), apples, tortillas, milk, eggs (could have been gotten at FM, but I can't stop balking at the price. Sigh.), crushed tomatoes, lentils, quinoa, wonton wrappers... That was another $40 between the two stores.

So, should I STICK to my meal planning, I'm in for $75 for the week.

My menu for the week:

  • grilled veg quesadillas
  • stuffed peppers
  • lentil sloppy joes
  • stir fry
  • spaghetti
  • spinach ravioli
  • pizza

We've done a lemon pasta and the pizzas already. The lemon pasta caused 1 & 2 to freak out... which is odd, because I purposely started with that because I've made it before and it was familiar. Weirdos. Pizza is always a win. I'm concerned about the slippy joes, so I'll be waiting to try those on a night I'll be home with them and can prepare a second choice should it be a complete flop.

My intake the last two days....
Breakfast - blueberry pancakes
Lunch - egg salad sandwich, fries, vanilla coke (Johnny Rockets... yum!)
Dinner - rotini pasta, green beans, lemon butter sauce, garlic bread

Breakfast - pumpkin loaf and coffee (Starbucks will be the end of me one day)
Lunch - GINORMOUS, never-ending greek salad (seriously)... red and green leaf lettuce, purple potatoes, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onion, beets, peppers... no dressing. Naked salad FTW!
Dinner - Individual pizzas.. on tortillas... black olives, sundried tomatoes, and basil.

Breakfast - whole wheat toast, 1 tsp peanut butter, 1 tsp strawberry jelly (Hello, HFCS)
Lunch - veggie wrap - tortilla with hummus, spinach, sundried tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and a hard boiled egg. I am unimpressed with this lunch. It was 4 hours ago, and I'm starving. And, I had a yogurt in between.

I need to figure out something more filling than what I had today. Maybe add a salad or soup to it. Hm.

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