Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Five

1. My XBox live isn't working. This is totally a lame first world problem, but it does mean that I can't watch Party of Five on Amazon today. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY DAY.

2. JK, Gab is randomly out of school today, so we have some exciting Barnes and Noble + hiking plans to fill the time.

3. Speaking of Gab, she self-patrolled herself last night while Trick or Treating. When her bucket got full, she said, "Well, I guess we're done now!". And was ready to head home. Huh. That's new..... At first, I was a little bummed because FREE CANDY. Then I remembered we bought two bags of candy to hand out, and had three ToT'ers. So.... Anyone want some candy? Please?

#1 and #2 went to parties. I guess they're too big for ToT'ing with their parents. (WHEEEEE)

4. I stumbled onto this blog a few days ago, which makes me feel significantly better about my Evan Dando adoration (because I swear this isn't my tumblr, I barely even know what tumblr is).

HE'S CAPTIVATED. (#2 just saw this, and asked if this was Jesus....)
5. #1 raced in their second league meet yesterday (who holds a XC race on Halloween!??!). She ran with varsity again, and at first, seemed kind of on edge.

She looks so tense!

At first, The H started getting spazzy at her overall placement. Then I realized that she came through the mile we were at WAY earlier than we anticipated, and I got psyched.

When she came through the finish at 45 seconds UNDER HER PR, I wasn't really ready for it.

She destroyed her PR, and finished at 18:54ish (unofficial). She came across the finish line with a HUGE smile on her face, and later said she was so happy when she saw her time that she almost cried.

The support from her teammates was adorable, and her middle school PE teacher was there, and it was just so, so great. She's struggled a little moving up to varsity, and no longer being the "big fish" in the smaller Freshman pond, so I think this will do good things for her confidence.


  1. I heart #1.
    And keep your candy far away from me. I'm doing to good with resisting temptation lately. (except for vodka, but that doesn't count)

  2. i wish I had candy. all day every day. stupid will power. also, #2's comment on Evan D made me LOL. and pretty sure i'm coming to visit so that #1 can train me on speed. WTF. envy.

  3. Okay basically that IS Jesus. That is not my tumblr but the "source" for some of those photos/postings is Howlingforeverohoh which is ME(and guess what I do not care!).

    Party of Five is one of the best. I have all the available season on dvd which unfortunately is only 1-3 or 4 I forget. Also watch that amazon prime!

  4. How did you respond to the Jesus question??


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