Monday, November 4, 2013

Half Training, Week 6 - PFTW

If you're checking in to see #1's race recap, haha joke's on you, because she raced on Thursday, and the quick rundown of her gianteriffic PR was posted Friday HERE. I am pretty sure she's the fastest person ever.

Last week....
Monday: XT
Arms, pushups, core

Tuesday: strides
5 outside miles. I left, and it was cloudy and cool. Within a mile, it looked like THIS.
I ran up and down a couple of shady portions of trail to make my five miles, pulling some strides between light poles to kill the time. Boring, but got it done.

Wednesday: XT
Arms, core

Thursday: 1600's
Had 4 repeats on schedule, but my plans got changed at the last minute and could only squeeze in 3 - yeah yeah, all that babbling awhile ago about how I have all the time in the world, but Thursday was for real packed, between last minute costume shopping, #1's race, trick or treating, 2 kids going to 2 separate parties. Anyway. 1 mile warm up, 1600's at 8:47, 8:48, 8:45, 400 RI. Right on target.

Friday: rest!
Gab had a random day off of school (weird, since the other schools were all in session...), so we spent the day going to breakfast, shopping for some books, and being silly.
"Can you take a picture and call it, 'Riding a Frog with no Hands!'"

Saturday: XT
100 push-ups program - up to 47 for real, on my toes not my knees push-ups. What.

Sunday: Long
10 miles easy pace, while watching NYCM. Didn't feel warmed up until around mile 8, so that was pretty annoying. Eh. It's done.

Total: 20 miles. 

Felt sort of bleh the whole week, so hopefully the cut-back week was all I needed and this week sucks less?

This week.....
Monday: XT
Tuesday: OC Run Club - 4ish
Wednesday: XT, 3ish
Thursday: Long - 13
Friday: XT
Saturday: 2x2mi repeats bleargh
Sunday: rest


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