Sunday, October 27, 2013

Half Training, Week 5 - PFTW

This is going to be short and sweet, because I'm a little pressed for time.

HAHAHA JK. Actually, I just don't have a ton of interesting things going on right now (still), so there's not much to share?

Last week..... I had a really great training week!

Monday: Cross training
Tank Top Arms, Core, and pushups. I'm SHOCKED at the improvement in pushups. Fascinating! Did you know, consistency helps?!

Tuesday: 4 miles
Easy run on the beach path at Crystal Cove. It was super ugly, with the sunset and sweeping ocean views.

Via the Instagram

Wednesday: Long run
I had time, and there was a bunch of Bravo stuff I wanted to watch on, so I long run'ned on the treadmill. I was a little concerned, because I ran long on Sunday... but 14 miles, with 5 mid-miles at goal pace. NAILED IT. Goal pace was dead on, and I finished with an overall 10:03 pace - which is my current half PR pace, and it almost killed me dead. It was a great, great run.

Thursday: XT
Arms and pushups

Friday: Easy/XT
Core in the morning, then a 6 mile, easy pace, negative split run.

Saturday: Rest
Actually, I did pushups, but it was only 10 minutes and barely counts.

Sunday: Tempo
5 miles total, mid 3 at 9:25-9:11. Actual was 9:24, 9:17, 9:14. It was a little tough, but not unbearable.

Total: 29 miles. Solid.

I finally replaced my poor shoes.... And all my panicky trepidation was for naught. The Flow2's seem to be juuuuuust fine.

Saddest transition ever.
This week.....
Monday: 3 easy, XT
Tuesday: 7, speeeeeed
Wednesday: XT
Thursday: 5 easy with strides
Friday: XT
Saturday: 10 easy
Sunday: rest

Yaaaay cut back week!

No pictures from #1's race this week (I cannot even believe that they for real race EVERY SINGLE WEEK that's crazy), because we didn't go. It was far away, they were being bused, and we would never have made it on time after getting Gab and #2 from school.

BUT, she raced with varsity, and did GREAT.

15th place!!!! What. 18:24 on a 2.7 mile (random) hilly course.

I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday keeping up on the Mt Sac Invitational - #1's school only participated in the boy's varsity sweepstakes race, but I tried watching the parts I could keep track of. Sarah Baxter - a senior at Simi Valley - is a robot fast running machine. She has won every high school race she's run.

Photo cred Juan Carlo
Oh wait, turns out she's human. Here's a great article on her race Saturday. “I went out way too fast and I shouldn’t have done that,” Baxter said. “I kind of let it get away from me and didn’t realize how fast I was going until it was too late.” 

Says the girl who ran a 4:58 first mile...... Zoinks. 

After that, I spent hours and hours searching for a winter/spring marathon, and as a result, updated my "Wish List" with a ridiculous number of options.... Someone stop me. 


  1. Yeah for WA and OR on your wish list!

  2. I'm also up for going to Amersterdam.

    I can't even tell what you added. There are so many Things on there.

  3. omg. can we PUHHLEEESSEE plan one of the races to finally meet? I have plenty of states left. And obvs I would totally come to Mobile to either run w/you or give you a place to stay!


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