Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day Run 5k / PFTW

This morning, I ran the National Veterans Day Run in Irvine.
The race was pretty small and low-key. Since it was close by, I used the run over to the race as my warm-up, and tossed in some strides on the way.

The race started a few minutes late, with a pre-race Veterans Day ceremony just before....
The course starts with a loop through Woodbridge Community Park, then out and back on the bike path (my nemesis from the PCRF training days....), and another loop through the park back to the finish line.

So, here's the real details on the race: The course is not marked. There are volunteers telling people where to go, but there was one missing, for example, at the first loop through the park, so we went the wrong direction for about 50 feet - there were left-over arrows on the ground from TNT training over the weekend, so it was confusing. The volunteer at the 5k turn-around, I think, had us turn too early - there's a section on the path (if you're familiar, I'm talking about the bike path between East Yale Loop, and Jeffrey) with two bridges - the volunteer had us turn at the first bridge, but I'm pretty sure it should have been the second bridge. Also, at the finish, I did not see any water, etc. Not a big deal for me, because it was cool this morning and there are water fountains at the park, just a note.

BUT, it was really inexpensive (I paid $30 for a last minute registration), and included a pin, medal, and shirt. Plus, a portion of proceeds go to Folds of Honor Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships and other assistance to spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled in service.

You can donate to Folds of Honor HERE

I'd rather run a low-key race with a good heart like this than fret about details and complain about stuff.

Mostly, I wanted to get an idea of where I am with training, and if I have a reasonable goal for winter and spring races. With that in mind, my goal pace was around 8:50-8:40 (my 5k PR pace was 8:56, 27:47).

The course measured at 2.74mi for me, and I finished with a 8:31 pace. WHAT. Mile splits:  8:34, 8:31, 8:31.

If it were an actual 5k distance, and I managed to hold that pace (and I think I could?), it would be a 26:25ish finish.

I was third female at the turn-around (there was a kid that was running the 5k that turned around before I did and cut the course a few times through the park loop, and finished just in front of me, so I'm not counting her, CHEATER). Small races are the greatest.

Overall, I enjoyed the event - I wouldn't recommend it if you're going to freak out on the details, but for $30, it served it's purpose for me.

Related, I've decided the 5k is not something I'm really interested in repeating. That isht is hard, yo. Give me a marathon, any day.


Plan for the week!

To sum it up quickly, last week SUCKED. I just wasn't feeling the run love, not at all. So I didn't hit all of my miles. Oh wells. Taper for a 5k? HAHAHAHA.

Monday: XT
arms, core, pushups

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: speeeeeeed, XT
2 mile repeats!! These sounded so scary, but then they weren't too bad. 1 mile warm up, 2x2mi, with 400RI, cool down. Goal pace was 9:11-8:59, actual was 9:09, 9:01. Felt good. Also did arms, and core.

Thursday: XT
Just pushups

Friday: easy, XT
4 miles easy pace with strides; arms/core

Saturday: FAILED long run
Scheduled for 13 easy. Got through 5, felt crappy and achy and blah, and people wandered into the gym, so I called it a day and surrendered my treadmill.

Sunday: rest
I did absolutely negative zero things.

Total: 15 miles.

Oh well.

This week:

Monday: see above; 5 miles total for the day, with warm up/cool down
Tuesday: easy or rest
Wednesday: 7 miles strides
Thursday: rest
Friday: 15 easy
Saturday: rest (we'll be at XC for the day)
Sunday: 3-4 easy

Cross-country update.....
#1's team came in second in league finals Friday (#1 finished in 19:05, for 21st place!), so they're heading to state prelims next weekend!!!
she fliiiiiies
The girl's varsity team....
One of these things, is not like the other....
I'm really excited to check out the Mt Sac course, and all the fast fasties. I did some googling of the teams in her heat (is that creepy and/or weird?) for Saturday, and they should pull through to state finals for the following week. Just when we thought the season might be over.........

There's a fair chance that they'll make it through to states, which is EXCITING. I can barely contain it; but race talk makes #1 nervous, so I'm trying to keep it all inside.


We saw this shirt at the race Friday. It's funny, because IT'S TRUE.


  1. Nice job on your #notquitea5k this morning. I love a race for a good cause and you got neat medals too?

    Good luck to #1. I think it is so neat when kids can play/run at state. What an exciting time!

  2. Good luck to your daughter, she has done so great this year!

  3. You are the fastest EVER!!!

    Yay for #1, I am so impressed with how she and her team have done (in their super short shorts).

  4. congrats on being fast and fabulous! and i hate cheaters. and 5ks too. yet i'm debating on doing one on thanksgiving again. #1. go fast and go brunette. love it.

  5. congrats on being fast and fabulous! and i hate cheaters. and 5ks too. yet i'm debating on doing one on thanksgiving again. #1. go fast and go brunette. love it.


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