Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Sometimes, I do dumb things.
This counts as refueling, right, because I ate it after a run?

2. Earlier this year, I ran the Run4Kids 24 hour relay event with Rose. I loved the event so much, that I believe I'm ready to throw my hat in the ultra ring......

Yeah, it's sort of a cheater course, being very flat, but whatever. 24 hours is a long time, yo.

I've not really picked a mileage goal yet - I'll do that as I get closer to the event - but drew up a training plan last night, and um... I guess that's it. I am pretty excited.

3. After months and MONTHS of not running any races, I've suddenly got #alltheraces lined up.

First, my favorites, are a few Renegade Events...

Troutman Sanders Renegade Santa Run on Dec. 14. I ran the 10k here last year for a huge PR, and had so much fun.

Dun dun DUN. iTRYathlon is back in February!! The event is open to everyone, so I think The H will be joining me in the fun (and destroying me, because he's the fastest and loves the bike, UNLIKE ME).

(PS just realized this means I need to add swimming back to my training plan. BRRRRRR.)

The Coaster Run through Knott's Berry Farm. In addition to supporting a great cause (the Speech and Language Development Center in Buena Park) AND the adorable medal, they have pie at the finish line. I love pie. I'll be doing this one with the kids.

{{For any of the above, you can register using code HEATHERDISCOUNT for 10% off}}

In addition to those fun events, I have.... these to fill in my calendar:

Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day 5k. I stumbled on this last week, and it's down the street from me. I've been wanting to fit in a shorter race to get an idea of my current fitness level, and this is perfect. I'm hoping to PR - my existing PR is 27:47 from last July - but the pace sure seems faaaaast. We'll see?

December Half Marathon - I'm waffling between a few options.

Option 1: Holiday Classic Half - this one is CHEAP, and looks like a ton of fun. I really prefer smaller, more local races, and this one is my top choice, BUT I may have a scheduling conflict this weekend. Maybe. So I'm on hold. The timing of this one is best, because I am ready to race a half RIGHT NOW.

Option 2: Holiday Half Marathon - this one is a little lot pricier, because I've been super lazy about registering, plus there are parking fees which irritate me. It's an okay time for me, but I'm not in love with it (probably why I haven't registered yet....)

Option 3: San Diego Holiday Half Marathon - this one is reasonably priced (there are discount codes floating around), and Shannon will be there, which is a big selling point! But, it's inaugural, and that makes me nervous. This is the furthest out, so I'd have more time to train, BUT it's the furthest out, so there's more time to train.....

Anyway. I'm waffling.

Of course, there's also Tinker Bell Half in January (!!!!), and a potential March marathon - 2 weeks before the ultra, so it would be a good last training run. I feel like I could pull out a giant marathon PR, so I'm considering Diamond Valley Lake Marathon in early March. Looks like a potentially boring course, but my options seem to be pretty limited (unless I go with Surf City, which I'm not excited about AT ALL).

PLUS..... I'm also on the hunt, KIND OF, for a racecation.... maybe?

Phew. That was a lot of race talk.

What's on your calendar?


  1. Um, this was more than 3 things.

    I think a Santa 5k/10k is a must. Signed up for ours last week and I'm glad I did.

    Save your racecation for next fall. In the Northeast. MN/VT, VT/NH, MN/NH do any of those combos sound like a good time to you?

    Are you doing a turkey trot too?

  2. We don't really have Santa races here. MAYBE BECAUSE I LIVE IN THE COLDEST AND SNOWIEST PLACE ON EARTH.

    I'm really excited to see where you are fitness-wise as well, because I think you are super fast!

  3. An ultra - wow you go! I have a few more halfs and a 5K this year....I don't have anything planned for Dec, and think I need to find something. Looks like a lot of fun races and decisions to make.

  4. Theme races sound like fun, too bad we don't have anything locally other than a Turkey Trot.

    I'm running CIM again in Dec. and then a 50K in Feb. in Alaska. Other than that, it's just the free club races. :)

  5. Woohoo - so many races! I have a trail half in December, a 10-miler in Jan, maybe a half marathon in Feb, possibly another half in March, and Big Sur International Marathon in April!

  6. Holy crap I feel lazy.

    This reminds me of my friend Kelly. She's a runner too. She's going to Vegas in a week or so for a half marathon or something like that.

  7. I think I'm signed up for the Santa Run on the 14th!

    The price for the Holiday Half is absolutely ridiculous! I paid only $35 for it in 2011. I personally don't think it's worth the new price. A LOT of SRLA who don't know how to race with others.

  8. DUDE. all the race fabulousness. seriously. I wish we had a cool holiday half around here. i'm a holiday-aholic and need a holiday medal. I'm doing rehoboth and then a tacky sweater run for fun (legit, drinking beer on course?). Still owe you an email but based on your schedule the only possible would be little rock in early march for the marathon? after that run the bluegrass in KY in april and then a double weekend with the indi mini and flying pig. any interest?


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