Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Roundup: Chapman 5k Recap, #runLB, PFTW

1. Chapman 5k Recap

I spent a fair amount of time whining to various people that I just don't have the mental toughness that I feel like I used to have. I don't really feel like I have it in me to push, and push hard.

It's one reason I wasn't sure I wanted to even attempt a PR at Chapman. I just didn't feel like I had it in me, and (IMO), for a 5k, it's equal parts speed, and mental toughness.

Saturday, I just didn't have it. Not enough speed, not enough tough.

First, the good.

Chapman has excellent goody bags - tech shirts, tons of samples.

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The weather was pretty ideal. Cool and partly cloudy. Pretty sunrise during my warm up included.
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They have kind of unofficial pace groups.
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It's a small-ish race, without much congestion.
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The bad....
This guy beat me
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The ugly....
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That's NOT a PR.
The race is fantastic - well organized, two water stations, the course is well marked and volunteers everywhere. Finish area is well organized, and there's a great oatmeal bar after (I skipped to attend the Disney/Make a Wish event, HERE). It's a great race, and I promise I won't hold a grudge against Chapman for my shit performance.
That's not hyperbole, BTW. Goal pace was 8:30; splits were 8:30, 9:17, 9:03, 8:12 {worst finishing kick EVER}. Lame. I did everything I could to set myself up for a PR, except for the running part during, say, ALL OF SEPTEMBER. Turns out, that part is kind of a big deal.


2. Long Beach spectating

After deciding last year I was done racing Long Beach forever and ever, I was pretty excited when Julie mentioned she was going to be spectating this year's race.

I'm a big fan of spectating.

Julie is the hostess with the mostest, and had a pretty fancy spread of otter pops, Nuun, pretzels, and candy.

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Last Week....
Monday: 6 miles, strides - super hot.
Tuesday: cross training - weights!
Wednesday: Long run, 14 easy pace
Thursday: 30 minutes yoga
Friday: cross training - weights AGAIN! I'm practically The Hulk.
Saturday: 2 miles warm up, shitty 5k
Sunday: rest

This Week...
Monday: 7 miles tempo (kill me now)
Tuesday: cross training
Wednesday: Long run, 16 easy pace
Thursday: rest (Gabby's birthday!)
Friday: 5 miles easy
Saturday: cross training (hiking!)
Sunday: 4-5 easy


  1. First of all, you two were AMAZING at LB. I loved seeing your awesome spread and if there was a medal for spectators, it would so be yours!

    Secondly, thanks for the Chapman recap. I heard it was fab. I was dying to know how it went! I saw they had about 1000 less people than last year...hopefully next year they will not make it the same weekend as Long Beach :( Love that race!

  2. Your "shitty" 5K time is my 5K PR time. lol It's over a year old though. There's a 5K here next weekend that I'm considering racing, but I have much the same mindset as you right now. I don't know that I have any speed in me! Yeah, I ran 17 miles last weekend, but I don't think I'm in 5k PR shape. I haven't done any speedwork in months. Running fast may kill me at this point.

  3. All is not lost, think of this 5K as a workout, sort of like a fast paced training run. You'll be back in PR shape soon, you are doing all the right things. A generous clice of birthday cake helps, too, so I hear. Happy birthday to Miss Gabby this week!

  4. It makes me sad that you think a 27:51 is a shitty 5k. I know it is not a PR, but face it, how often are you (or anyone else) really going to GET a PR?

    I would die of happiness if I still had it in me to run that fast.

  5. that is some seriously awesome goody bag stuff-more like what you would get at a half or marathon. please tell me you told that guy to buy new shoes. and, it’s okay to not PR. it won’t happen every time. I pretty much took a year off from “trying hard.” you’re spectating looks fantastic!

  6. your table at LB cheered me up so much you have no idea
    I was in a BAD place right there...
    and then ...I saw you guys!!!
    so so so AWESOME!

    thank you! thank you!!!
    I hope everyone who had their name there saw you!

  7. It's too bad about your performance at the Chapman 5K, but at least you got some fun goodies out of it! Also, what an awesome spectator you must have been at Long Beach. I love the pretzel cups idea.

    Happy belated birthday to Gabby! I hope she's doing well.


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