Monday, October 1, 2012

Last week, I did stuff! PFTW

Things I did last week:

Monday: Strength - 30 min weights (arms, back, shoulders), calf raises, heel drops, foam rolling.
Tuesday: 4 miles eassssssy outside - it was actually COOL outside, so I took advantage. Lovely.
Wednesday: Strength (!!) - more of Monday's stuff
Thursday: 6 mi with 3x800 @ 8:30. Ouch. I really thought I wouldn't be able to do this. I almost didn't even RUN (more on this below). But I didn't die.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 12 miles easy. Pace was totally easy, but it felt like it would never, ever, ever end. I just got bored. I had forgotten how long it takes to do a long run. Holy crap.
Sunday: More cross training!! 20 minutes sun salutations, 25 minutes yoga for runners. Ommmm.

I'm switching up some scheduling this week...

Monday: 6 miles, .75 easy, .25 dangerously fast.
Tuesday: Cross training
Wednesday: Long run - 14 easy
Thursday: 3 easy, yoga
Friday: Cross training
Saturday: Chapman 5k! maybe a PR attempt...
Sunday: Rest

So.... Week 1 CIM training down? Ha.


On Saturday, SkinnyRunner hosted a brunch for some of us local runner/blogger/people. Check out her recap and pictures here, because I didn't take any pictures, not one.


I'm switching up my schedule this week, because I needed to switch up my schedule NEXT week, because Thursday (10/11/12!!) is Gabby's 6th birthday, and Friday we leave for the hopefully less hot Sequoia's.

I'm going to pitch a little "Choose Your Own Adventure" here.... Would you rather....

1. Leave from work, drive through LA traffic at rush hour (5pm), get to the park around... 11pm? Drive up the road that the friendly tripadvisor forum members have deemed "too sketchy to drive on in the dark unless you're familiar with it", and put up a tent that is new-to-you at 1 am in a campsite where bear encounters are "frequent"....


2. Leave from work, let traffic settle down a little, Priceline a super cheap hotel ($45! for 3*, so not sketchy) outside of the park, drive up there and sleep without the bears, then drive into the beautiful mountains bright and early, and pitch a tent in the daylight?

You can guess which one we picked. My friend Snork disagrees with our selection.


I had a (lame) realization last week, that I'm sure is kind of an obvious thought to most people, but it didn't sink in for me until I was in the middle of those dreaded 800's.

Without fail, the only times I really don't want to run, are when I'm afraid I won't be able to hack it.

After my MRI a few weeks ago, I got the notice that it wasn't an sfx on Friday afternoon. I could have run Friday. I could have run Saturday. I draaaaggggeed it out until Sunday. I didn't think I could actually still run. It had been so long....

Tuesday's 4 miles outside felt HARD, at a 10:15ish pace. So when Thursday rolled around, and I was supposed to do 800's at a much faster pace, I almost didn't even do it. I thought there was just no way I would be able to run any distance at that pace.

And it turns out, it wasn't THAT awful. I survived.

I am coming up with a billion excuses to get out of trying to PR at the 5K this weekend, but what it really boils down to, is I just don't have the confidence that I'm in PR shape right now.



  1. 5k PRs hurt. They are hard. They suck. You don't have to attempt one every time out.

  2. Good luck with your 5k PR attempt :)

    Dangerously fast had me cracking up. I love it.

  3. PR's are tough, especially for a 5k. They hurt my lungs. BUT, they feel so good when you do get them b/c they suck. In that good way. Go for it.

  4. If you're serious about the PR attempt, maybe I can pace you? By Sat I should be recovered, soreness wise, enough to pace but not to race.

  5. Sometimes your body tells you when you need a break. And you just have to learn what that sounds like. I think you made the better choice for going up too the mountains. Bears are a pain to deal with, one time Dennis was fencing with one, he used the plastic table leg from our camp site table to scare off a bear. Crazy.
    And good luck with the PR. If you don't even think about trying in the first mile, then it will happen.
    P.S. Glad it finally cooled off for you. It's 37 degrees here this morning. Now I'm whining about being cold.


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