Monday, October 15, 2012

My brain quits. PFTW

Last week:
Monday: 7 miles - 1 warm up, 5 tempo, 1 cool down.*
Wednesday: 16 miles. This sucked, hard. **

I know. I ran twice. I didn't cross train. I'm the worst at training.

I'm not sure what's wrong with my brain, but I was thinking pretty ugly things on our drive back from Sequioa's. Like... that maybe I don't even LIKE running. Maybe, I'll just STOP running. Maybe I'm just not made to be a runner.

I'm just not one of those people who OMGLOVE being sweaty. I do like that it keeps me from being a fat blobby mess. But if the option were there to sit on my ass, watch tv, eat whatever, AND not exercise, I'd be all over it. It's a necessary evil. Yeah, I like running, a lot of the time. I just... kind of don't feel like it. I don't know.

*Tempo run was fantastic {words I never, ever imagined saying}. Goal pace 9:45, I ended at 9:30, and feeling great. I don't know where those happy running legs were Saturday for that 5k, but they sure would have come in handy.

**The first 14 miles were fine. Nothing amazing, but easy enough. But those last two?? Awful. I walked, a LOT. I still ended up with a 10:49 overall pace, which is a little fast for me for a long run, so maybe that was the problem. I don't know. It's like my body has never, ever run distance before, eevry week, it melts down when I reach the distance I hit on the last long run.

So maybe it's in my brain.


This week:
Monday: UGH Cross training UGH
Tuesday: 7 miles, 400's {I feel like I should be excited about this}
Wednesday: Dinner with friends = rest day!
Thursday: 7 miles easy, weights?
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: 5 miles easy, weights?
Sunday: 18 miles easy


In less sucky news, our weekend trip to the Sequoia's was fantastic. Our plans changed a little bit due to some sneaky cold weather, and we ended up at a tiny road-side motel on our own instead of camping with friends, but it was still great. There were bears. And foggy forests. And beautiful mountains. And giant, giant trees. Pictures to come.


  1. That sounds like a billion miles to run in one week.

  2. For some reason looking at your training plan makes me really happy I am not training for anything right now. Great job with your running last week. I think the longest I have run lately is 12 miles and that seemed really far :)

  3. You just need a break. Once you take a break you will realize you miss running and you would rather be doing it than whatever you are doing for your break. But take the break. I've been running for 30 years and I have always taken breaks- yes I do active things like hiking, walking, riding the bike. Just something that doesn't involve "training". Sometimes my break is a week, sometimes it's 2 months. I've even taken a whole year at a time off from racing. That's why I'm still running and loving it after all these years. It will always be there for you.

  4. do you think it’s the marathon training? would it be more “fun” if it were shorter distances and no strict plan? can’t wait to hear about yalls trip!

  5. I have been feeling like I don't love running a lot right now too. Which sucks cause I just bought a treadmill and am running two half marathons this weekend. Better get my crap together. Those medals won't just magically appear. I am thinking a break is in order soon. Hope your week goes well.

  6. When it comes to training vs. running, running is way better for me. Looking back on training is a joy, but going through the process, I have had many days when I felt just like you wrote, like maybe I didn't want to be a runner anymore.

    Great vacation picture!

  7. I think I'd rather have a cabin versus camping equipment anyway!

    I lost my running mojo for like a month. No, two. It's finally back. I hated when it was gone. It made training really hard.


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