Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Evan Dando vs My Running

I had a tempo run on schedule for Monday.

I hate tempo runs.

My iPod refused to play my Evan Dando playlist (rude), so I settled for whatever random stuff I had on there.

My tempo run was... good. Not just, like, I didn't die good. Like, for real, actual good.

Conclusion: Evan Dando has been the key to my recent crappy runs.

Gabby's birthday is tomorrow, and we picked up the ONE THING she's been asking for for ages....
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I have no idea. I've certainly never recommended fishing.

I've been obsessively checking weather reports for our camping trip this weekend. Last week, there was a chance of showers on Saturday. That would suck. Then, it shifted to Tuesday. Awesome.

But then it shifted to Wednesday. And then Thursday.

Plus, there's this.
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Brrr. WHY did I think October camping in the mountains was a good plan?? Assuming I survive the bears, I sure hope I don't succumb to hypothermia.

Someday, I will learn that I cannot keep candy at my desk.

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I took a total rest day yesterday, in my ProCompression socks (orange might be my favorite....). I intended to come home, do weights, and eat chicken for dinner. Instead, I played Trouble, and made pizza. Way better.

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Tonight, I get to do my long run. 16 exciting miles, after work. Whee?


  1. Going long after work, again? Gurrrrl! You are bada$$.

  2. 16 miles seems really far. You might have the meanest coach ever.

  3. How dare you blame poor Evan!! Shame on you!!

  4. Brrrr!! You are going to FREEZE! We camped last weekend and it was 48, that was much to cold for me!!

    16 miles after work seems cruel.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Tempo runs feel the best when they're done. For sure.

    Just bring a hat and an extra few layers and you can camp in just about any temperature.

  7. 16 miles AFTER work? Yuck. I suppose you get out earlier than I do but still. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Mountain camping sounds fun - I wanna go. Except husband is out of vacation. Stupid stingy vacation.


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