Thursday, October 4, 2012

Uno, Dos, Tres

It's Thusrday!

1. I'm excited to have been selected as a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador for 2013. Back in July, I ran SFM as my second marathon, hoping for redemption after a shit-fest in Seattle. And man, it was GLORIOUS. You can read my recap HERE. I'm telling you, glorious.

I'm planning on coming back to San Francisco on June 16, 2013, to run the 1st half - the first step in the Half it All Challenge, and in joining the 52 club.

Registration is open now, and at the lowest prices you'll see. Check out the race here - I'd love to see you there!


2. We are 20 days into the school year for the kidlets, and Gabby has missed 3 days so far - 1 for a routine oncology clinic visit, 2 for a cough. Oh, leukemia. That's not cute.

On Tuesday night, her BFF came by and dropped off a get well soon card for her...

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Adorable. Except I was not, in fact, cooking good soup for her. But she did stop feeling blue.

Speaking of Gabby... We will be attending a super special, super secret event Saturday (after Chapman 5k....), and I'm really, really, really excited. REALLY excited. Did I mention excited?

Hint: It's Make-a-Wish related.

And speaking of MaW, please don't forget to check out the Straight Talk Wireless demos every Saturday - click HERE to visit their website {note: this is NOT an affiliate link, I'm not paid or compensated in any way - but Make a Wish provided us with something amazing, and every critically ill child should have the same opportunity}.


3. I had an okay-ish run on Monday - 6 miles, .75 easy, .25 fast. The fast was... fast (duh), but not terrible. Except for the heat. Hells bells, the heat.

But last night, man. Last night, I did 14 miles after work. That was the the longest thing ever in the universe ever. I mean, I guess it will be worth it in 10 days when I'm NOT running 16 miles at 8,000' elevation surrounded by bears, but last night it felt like it would NEVER END.

And today I'm starving. #eatallthethings


  1. Wow, they moved the SF Marathon from the end of July to mid June? Crazy date change. I wonder why?

  2. 14 miles after working all day is no joke! I wouldn't know, I'm avoiding getting one of those "job" things as long as possible but I have a good imagination. :)

  3. HUGE CONGRATS on the ambassador program! and can’t wait to hear about your make a wish secret!

  4. I'm curious to hear more about this surprise after your 5k PR on Saturday!

  5. I'm curious to hear more about this surprise after your 5k PR on Saturday!

  6. Congrats on the ambassador thing! Sorry I'm so late to the party with the comments. I am so effing behind on blog reading it's criminal.


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