Monday, October 22, 2012

"I don't exaggerate - I just remember big." PFTW

Last week:
Monday: 30 minutes strength
Tuesday: 7 miles with 14x400*
Wednesday: Refueling with cheese and chocolate with OC runner friends
Thursday: 7 miles easy
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: 5 miles easy**
Sunday: 18 miles easy***

Total: 37 miles

So, not quite the 3 days of cross training that I envisioned. Oh well.

This week:
Monday: cross training - I'd like to do some yoga, maybe strength a little. I don't know.
Tuesday: 7 miles progressive
Wednesday: cross training (for real)
Thursday: 8 miles strides, .9 easy, .1 stupid fast
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 miles easy, cross training
Sunday: 20 miles (ugh)

*I love 400's. They're over so fast, it doesn't have a lot of time to suck. Goal pace 2:03 (8:15 pace). Actual: 2:04, 2:01, 2:01, 2:01, 1:59, 2:00, 2:01, 1:59, 2:01, 2:02, 2:02, 1:59, 2:00, 1:57. <--fastest 400's I've ever done ever. And I didn't want to die.

**The H ran with me! And I might have been better than him at the end. That gives me some hope for our December 10k, that I stand a fighting chance in beating him. Maybe. (We can ignore that he hasn't run more than 3 miles in a long time).

***TONS better than my previous few long runs, which have all felt like death chasing me down and beating me with a stick. Miles 1-5, 11:04 avg pace, 6-10 10:51, 11-15 10:45, 15-18 10:44.


Saturday morning was gloriously cool and overcast, and maybe a little drizzly - aka, perfect running weather. The forecast promised more of the same on Sunday, so I spent AGES on mapmyrun plotting out an 18 mile route with access to water fountains and bathrooms, but without crossing too many busy roads (AGES).

And then I woke up Sunday and it was bright and sunny. WTF. That's not what I signed up for.

How DARE SoCal be bright and sunny. So rude.


Random things that happened this weekend....

Gabby threw a party for us at her BFF's house....
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I dressed very fancy, in my orange ProCompression socks and skinny jeans that are too big for me so they look very, very weird.
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Pumpkin cheesecake at Mimi's. Go eat it.
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  1. Love the orange compression.
    Pumpkin cheesecake?! On it. I'm a pumpkin whore.
    Gabby. Rocks.

  2. Looks like a pretty awesome week, running and otherwise :)

  3. You ran more than me last week, even WITH me doing a 50k. You are awesome.

    Pumpkin everything is my favorite.

  4. sign me up for some cheesecake!

  5. I love that not only did you wear compression socks, but you wore them with dressy shoes!


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