Monday, August 6, 2012

It's incredible how lazy I can be


In my defense (I ran a marathon a week ago, hello), I did jog about half a mile Tuesday, and felt okay. Wednesday, I did some squats, and I woke up Thursday with a super pissed off right knee. So I didn't run.

It was pretty great.

Saturday, I felt like doing something (NOT RUNNING), so I talked The H into walking to Target with me. I swear I mapped this at some point and it was, like, 3 miles round trip....{foreshadowing}

Gab came with us, and we walked slowly/randomly sprinted/strollered her to Target {side note, we need to ask her doctor about her walking - she walks super weird, and it's only been since she started chemo. It seems to be getting more pronounced, or maybe I'm paranoid? Bah.}, then around the corner to Marshall's and Big 5, where, lucky day for her, we found a BARBIE SCOOTER WITH LIGHT UP WHEELS.

We spent the rest of the way home with her on the scooter, and me trying desperately to keep up with her.

Back down the bike path to Office Depot, then home.

The H: How far do you think that was, like, 4 miles?
Me: No way, it was definitely a little more. Maybe, like, 5?

We were off.


Since I did intervals on my way home, I called it good and didn't feel bad for skipping all the runs. And the knee feels fine now. Whatever.
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I've declared {so dramatic} August the Month of Sucking Less, and as such, reintroduced a new iteration of the Suck Less Program.

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, I did the initial tests, and holy bejesus did you know if you stop exercising arms and core, you lose a fuckton of fitness??? It's true.

Friday, I skipped the squats, and just did the first night of the 200 sit ups and 100 push ups programs, and 30 seconds of plank in between. Followed that up with some yoga and stretching, for a total of 45 minutes cross training. Not too shabby.

Last night, I did push ups, sit ups, 30 sec. wall sits, push ups, sit ups, plank, repeat x3. Followed up with more yoga, for another 45 minutes. Because I skipped the squats program I did some random leg yoga work out I found on an app, and it was HARD. HARD. I love yoga.

Plan for this week:
Monday: 4 miles, 3 easy, last hard
Tuesday: Suck Less
Wednesday: 6 miles, with 6x800's (BAH)
Thursday: Suck Less
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Suck Less, maybe a hike??
Sunday: 8 miles, easy .9, hard .1

What doesn't suck?
My SFM pictures
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I sure look peppy for mile 20.

And mile 23?

I loved this race. For real.
On Sunday, I watched the women's marathon with a bunch of OC blogger friends (check their recaps here and here, because see title: I'm lazy). I love that we can hang out and be equaly geeky about this stuff.
The mimosas don't hurt, either.
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Also, turns out, I think I'm an expert speed walker. I need to test this theory out further.

Last thing.

WTF is with this chick?

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I thought she seemed like the RUDEST ever, when I watched her the other day. But then I remembered these lovely shots of #2...
We didn't go on Maelstrom at EPCOT for, like, the SIXTH TIME THAT DAY.

In line to meet Buzz Lightyear apparently angered Her.

Zoinks. I guess she has missed ehr calling, as an Angry Russian Gymnast.

Sorry, #2, I've let you down.


  1. It was so good to meet you yesterday and actually a good week off of a marathon ain't the worst thing in the world for ya!

    Love, love, LOVE the kids on razors. I'm telling you, I can hardly keep up with mine when they're on them. Sometimes I want to make them run and ride their razors. That's a lie. Sometimes I make them run while I ride their razors.

  2. Hope everything is ok with Gabs. And #2 is The Best. Love her :)

  3. Thank to that map I am writing this while sitting on your doorstep.

  4. You SF Marathon pics are awesome. You and B look great, all matchy matchy (so important, that matching).

    Thanks for resurrecting Suck Less. I want to suck less too. Hoping, planning, wishing... to do sit ups and arm weights after each run this week.

  5. The Russian gymnast with the eyes freaked us out, too. She always looked unhappy. Except a couple times after she had good routines - then she was smiley. In general, all the Russian gymnasts had a flair for the dramatic - lots of crying, faces, etc.

    What is the weirdness with the walking? I mean, wouldn't hurt to bring it up. Could also just be a funny growth spurt that is happening.

  6. Yes, that Russian chick, she looks like a %itch and a half. I read somewhere that she is mean to her teammates as well.

  7. Ha ha. Love your girls' faces. I just read your recap about the SF marathon. I was there and ran it too. You got way better pictures than me though. Ha. Keep juggling it all lady! Cheers to sucking less this month- I'm in. :)

  8. the russian, seriously LOLing while reading. love you. hope gabby is okay. :( and so fun that yall got together for the race. wish I had a group of ladies here!

  9. Love the few miles that turned into 6! What races do you have coming up now?


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