Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Awesome/Not Awesome

1a. I've been super exhausted lately. Last night, I think I went to bed and was passed out by 10pm. Awesome.

1b. Until I woke up, sweating and heart racing, at 3am, because I'd been dreaming about running from zombies. Not just, like, jogging through the woods from zombies. Like, with my entire family - all my kids, my parents, my brother and sisters, all of us. IN A SMART CAR. I don't even know. It was stressful. Today, still exhausted. I feel like I stressed out, all night. Not Awesome.

2a. Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend, and with that, comes Becka and A!!!! I love when they visit, and so does Gabby - she's been counting down the days until they get here. Awesome.

2b. wtf.
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Not awesome.

3a. I got 400's back on my schedule this week. I LOVE 400's. Awesome.

3b. That's what I thought Sunday when I saw that on my schedule. Turns out, I like them a lot less when I haven't been doing ANY speedwork. They're fast. And hard. It was not awesome.


  1. 1a - Oh my gosh this makes me feel so much better. I got home from riding the bike at the gym & coaching soccer practice, whipped up dinner straight away since it was 7:30 and sat down on the couch to work for a few minutes around 8:30. Finished work and apparently passed out in my workout clothes unshowered. Looks like it's sheet changing day!

  2. The weather this weekend is ridiculous. IA/NE looks the same as SoCal? Honestly, who races on Labor Day weekend? It's still summer! I blame B for all this crazyness.

  3. The weather is making me sooo sad :( I was totally looking forward to mid 60s... ick, ugh, blah.
    Why don't I have your phone number in my phone? I thought I did. No idea what happened. Will email you mine, hopefully we can meet up!
    What corral are you in? B for me.

  4. Cannot wait. I foresee TONS of whining about how hot it is. While we are prancing through Disney <3

    See you tomorrow!!!!

  5. Zombies, huh? Knock on wood, but I haven't had a bad dream in a very long time.

    I'm not even sure my imagination could could conjure up what a zombie might look like.

  6. Smart Cars are so bizarre to me. No wonder you were freaking out about the zombies. I wouldn't feel safe from anything in a Smart Car!!


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