Friday, August 24, 2012


Last night, I'm sitting innocently on the couch (which is broken, thanks, kids, and currently being held up on one corner by MY COOKBOOKS, I know, don't laugh, I swear "new couch" is on my to do list for this weekend), when I decided I was thirsty, or something. Maybe I wanted ice cream. Who knows. Anyway.

I stood up, and BAM. Searing pain.

From where, I hope you're wondering?

My big toe.

Specifically, running along the side of my foot, radiating from the base of my big toe.


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And then it went away, so I didn't think about it again.

Then, this morning, I woke up, and just MOVING my toe hurt. After I walked around for a minute, it was okay.

These are the facts:
It seems to hurt worse when my foot is flexed.
It seems to hurt specifically when my foot is flexed AND my toe is flexed - as if I'm pushing off on that foot. So basically, when I'm MOVING. (this does not bode well for 10x400's tonight)
It has not hurt at all, ever
I have not introduced anything new - no new shoes, socks, etc.
The pain kind of radiates from where I'm pointing ^^, then sort of down underneath, ending at the top part of my arch. Does that make sense?

You guys. What is happening to my foot??? Is my toe going to fall off?


  1. I get shooting pains in my big toe from my sciatica. It's all connected. Just a theory as I'm no expert and can't even figure out what triggers my sciatica to begin with.

    Though, now that I'm thinking about it, I get pains in that area of my toes after wearing platform heels all day or shoes (heels) that are too tight. Just another theory.

  2. Ummmmm...delayed-onset-muscle-sand-soreness? It IS two-days after the sand running, after all.

    I've heard resting sore toes on new couches helps tremendously!

  3. ??????????? I have no idea but I bet chocolate would help.

  4. You're so silly ... you don't need to use cook books or get a new couch .... get cardboard boxes!! Duh!

  5. so did you find out what you have? I found your page looking up my own toe issue and sounds almost exactly the same....and i've had it over a year! (dr apt made next week) Much worse when i wear heels or do a lot of running/kickboxing etc. Would be interested to know your prognosis.


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