Friday, August 10, 2012

I don’t get bored watching the tube

but holy bejesus, the Olympics are KILLING me.

They're on so, so late, and there's so much filler, and for REAL, what was that indoor cycling velodrome thing the other day? WHY?

I mean. I was super gung-ho about the whole deal before it started. I don't think I realized it was going to air until midnight every single day, and that NBC would stretch out all the good stuff so I was forced to not get enough sleep by staying up way past my bed time everydayeverydayeveryday.


And the men's marathon is being aired here at, like, 3 or 4 am Sunday.

That's really early.
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For the first time in, like, 2 months, I've been following my PFTW.

Since I started tapering for Seattle (BACK IN JUNE), I kind of took my training schedule as a suggestion. Was I tired? Eh, let's skip that run. Does my shin feel wonky? Maybe. Adios, speedwork. Too hot out? Later, gator, long run.

It did not make for an easy return to 800's last night.

I did them, and I didn't die (clearly, but it was questionable for a few minutes....). Glancing back through my plan, it looks like my 800 pace now is a bit faster than it was the last time I was told to do them.

Not fun. Not fun a tiny bit.

1 mile warm up, 6x800 @ 8:40 pace, 400 RI, 1/2 mi cool. Actual intervals: 8:42, 8:42, 8:42, 8:36, 8:36, 8:30. 

It felt really, really hard. REALLY HARD. I know, I know, speed work is not supposed to be easy. But man. It wasn't a good time to be me. Also, my quads feel sleepy. Is that a thing?

Do you know where I snagged the title of this blog today? No? Google tells me (shocker!) it's a Lemonheads song!

This is relevant today (I mean, don't be confused, Evan is relevant, because rumor has it, a fall tour is being announced any moment.

Well, that was the rumor yesterday. Which prompted a flurry of emails amongst a small group of people, typed entirely like this:

OMG DID YOU SEE THIS??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe a little overkill on the caps and !!!!. Maybe.

I don't want to brag or anything (lies, I kind of do), but Evan and I are pretty chummy, thanks to the Twitter machine.
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Oh, hey there, Becka.
Man, I love the internet.


  1. the olympics are on WAY too late. i just dvr and fast forward to what i want. as for the velodrome stuff - it does seem weird, but after riding at one a couple months ago i'm now obsessed/fascinated by it and I can't wait to go back and ride after watching :)

  2. you and me both! olympics = no sleep but kinda worth it!

  3. My local station replayed the women's marathon again later in the day, I'm really hoping they do that for the men's too. I am not a 3 am person. :(

  4. Hello, Me. How exciting for a new tour. And speedwork sucks. I think I would not be able to finish 6x800. What pace are you doing RI?

  5. Ditto on the Olympics--way too late!

  6. The Olympics have sucked the life out of me. I finally had to put a stop to it because I was a walking zombie. Way to go on the speedwork!

  7. WOWEEE! Ok, do let me know what you find out about the Evan tour. I think he must come to Seattle.

  8. Oh my word, my sleep deprivation is no joke the last two weeks. And did you do all of those 800's outside yesterday. If you did, you're officially my new heat crushing hero.

  9. Yeah, while I loved the Olympics, I've pretty glad they're over.

    The ridiculous thing about this tape-delay bullshit is that if'n we ever get them on the West Coast again, we'll probably have to watch it 3 hours delayed.

  10. Love how Becka's text made an appearance.

    But seriously ...... OMG EVAN DANDO!!!!!!!!!


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