Monday, August 27, 2012

The laziest laze that ever lazed

The "Plan" for last week...

Monday: Cross training
Tuesday: 7 miles, 1 easy, 1 @ 10:00, 1 easy, 1 @ 9:45, 1 easy, 1 @ 9:30, 1 easy
Wednesday: Into the Wild OC Trail Run!
Thursday: 6 miles, 10x400
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross training
Sunday: 8 miles

Things I actually did:

Wednesday: 5 mile trail race
Thursday: Shopping
Saturday: 6.2 easy miles with Will

My days of lazy are dwindling down, I know, and a whole new marathon training cycle is closing in. So I guess I decided to take full advantage of the "No Plan" Plan while I can. Also, I'm really lazy.

Plan for this week, maybe:
Monday: Dinner with friends
Tuesday: 7 miles, 10x400
Wednesday: Cross training
Thursday: 7 miles, 5 easy, last 2 hard
Friday: Cross training
Saturday: Maybe a 5k?
Sunday: Disneyland Half with BECKA!

Two excellent purchases I made this weekend:
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And part of our Disneyland Half costume....


Purchase I did NOT make....
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TaTa Tamer my ass. False advertising, I say.

Sunday morning I spent trying to find a fall 10K. As luck would have it, I took #1 shopping later that morning, and my favorite local race company was offering 20% off their fall races outside Whole Foods! I've been wanting to run Make Room For Santa for a few years, it just never worked out for me, until now. With the discount, it was a steal. (Related, I've updated my Come Run With Me! page up there ^^)


  1. I also had a lazy week. Unfortunately mine did not also include shopping.

  2. I skipped a workout or two this past week as well. Has to be done sometimes.

  3. Glad to hear it wasn't just me! lol The skipped workout seems to be a common occurrence for lots of folks last week.

  4. "ta ta tamer my ass!" <----- That made me lol

  5. haha! i bought the ta ta tamer a few years back. after seeing photos of myself-i never wore it again. i looked like madonna! that thing was awful!

  6. Can't wait to see the costume, looks fun.

    I am planning on 5 fun/slow miles in El Moro Saturday morning if you want to join me. By slow I mean pregnant and out of shape but still want to play on the trails slow.

  7. It does feel good to skip workouts sometimes! That ice cream picture is making me crave ice cream!

  8. Wow. Perky. It...makes your waist look super tiny?

  9. Thanks to your inspiration I only felt 85% guilty buying Haagen Daas last night. The other 15% not guilty was because of this post, the fact it was on sale and because it was still 3,000 degrees at night. :)


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