Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Tuesday: Random hill program, level 6, 6 miles, 1:05:12, 10:52 pace.

1. For anyone in SoCal interested in running their Team Gab Virtual Race with... non-virtual people, I will be hosting a fun run at Mason Regional Park in Irvine on Saturday, Jan. 28th. Run start at 12 pm noon (redundant, I know). There's a mile loop that we can run, and fluids and GU will be provided (water, Gatorade or Powerade (whichever is on sale, because I'm thrifty that way), and GU gels and chomps - if you want anything else, please bring your own). Snacks and drinks provided afterwards. I don't have any fancy medals, or shirts, but there is a playground, if you'd like to bring your kids, and I'll be busy NOT running, so I can eyeball your kidlets - mine will be there (at least some of them). I'm a full-service volunteer.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US, please email me at, so I can get a head count. I would hate to not bring enough cupcakes to feed you all.

Note to Houston runners and Junie B, this is not a sanctioned event, just friends, running together. Please don't freak out and get me evicted from the park. Thanks.

2. I met up with some of my favorite SoCal blogger friends last night for Happy Hour. $3 margaritas the size of my face, and we emptied the place out. Good times.


3. I'm starting to plan my travel for my 2012 Runcations (Seattle, SanFran, Wine & Dine...) and our Make a Wish trip (July 12-18!) and realized this is complicated. I don't know how Becka has done it. She's a travel beast. I'm overwhelmed, and I'm doing a fraction of what she does.


  1. I want to run with you! I guess I'll just wait until Seattle.

    I know, the travel planning is nuts! Don't want to buy a plane ticket too early or too late, hotels, do you rent a car?, eek.

    It's all worth it.

  2. RUNCATIONS!!!!!! January 28... fun run! Am I running? Should I be bringing extra running clothes?

  3. oohh..cupcakes..I wish I was there!

  4. Would love to come out for the run on the 28th, need reasons to get my but running again. Can I bring a donation on that morning? Would like to try for a 10k, what is the donation cost for that? Will have baby in stroller with me. Don't let the news out to TX party poopers!

    Also, let me know if you need any help with race bib design or any other graphic needs, would love to help.

  5. I am SERIOUSLY bummed that I can not be there to run with you on the 28th. Bummed. Seriously. :(

    Do you think you can send me a cupcake anyways?!? LOL.

  6. Let me know if you have any questions about your Seattle trip. I can help.

  7. hahahahah youre funny... houston....


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