Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Q&A with Tall African Animals

A collection of random questions asked, and my answers. The excitement abounds, I know.

Deirdre at Oh Well Whatever....
Q: How do you do it all? I just have the one baby and am having the hardest time getting my act together to workout...

A: It sounds overly simplistic, but the simple answer is, I just DO it. More times than not, it definitely crosses my mind to skip a run, push a work out to another day. But after years of putting it off another day, I've accepted that another day, for me, is 99.867% sure not to come. If I don't do it today, I'm not going to do it. So I make the excuses in my head; I might even voice them out loud to The H, but in the end, I just shut up and do it. It sometimes means The H makes dinner, or the kids eat at 7:30, but that seems like a small price to pay when the trade off is lazy schlubby unhappy mother.

Nicole at Becoming a Mother Runner...
Q: When is the last day to sign up for the Team Gab Virtual Run?

A: Last day to run is 2/17/12. BUT. I'll be selecting winners of my GIANT GIANT giveaway starting this Friday. So, your chances of winning something awesome are a billion times higher if you enter earlier rather than later. (A billion is an estimate.). You can CLICK HERE for details and to enter.

Lydia at Running Wilder
Q: Ok if I put Gabby's picture on my shirt?

A: ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY. I have grand plans to create a bib that I intend to send out. However, this is entirely dependent on me figuring out how to do it (because I'm both uncreative and computer challenged). If anyone knows how to do it and WANTS to, knock yourself out. In the meantime, I'll be giving it the ol' college try and will send it out if I piece something together.

Alma, my favorite Average Woman Runner
Q: I'm going to see about trying to organize some ladies up here to do it all together. Maybe the first weekend of Feb?"

A: Yeah, I know that's less of a question, and more of a statement, but if anyone in the Pacific NW is interested in teaming up with Alma, let me know and I'll forward your info along.

Kim at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls
Q: This is awesome, where's my credit card?

A: When you find it, could you buy me these?

ChaCha at Chasing Imperfection
Q: Damn, do you get to work that early?

A: Hell yes I do. 7-4, means I'm on the road at 6:40, and home and ready to run by 5. Bam.

Jess at Run With Jess
Q: Seriously.... what is it with the afternoon?"

A. Heck if I know; I could literally just snack relentlessly from 1pm-3pm, and not be satisfied. It's ridiculous. If anyone discovers the key to placating this afternoon eating melt down, pass it on...

Madison at I'd Rather Be Eating
Q: Can you invite me over to play on the Kinect?

A: Since you know where I live.... could I really stop you? Just come bearing muffins.

Losing Lindy...
Q: Kid #1 is amazing too, does she run for school as well?

A: Nope. Her middle school does not offer any track programs. The high school she will go to has a really great cross country team, though, so I'm hoping she gets involved then.


  1. I am the same way about the afternoon- I just eatandeat forever.

  2. I am trying to get a group together to hold our own 'race' on Jan. 28th. I send out a pretty convincing email http://bean-justploddingalong.blogspot.com/2012/01/fun-chocolate-chip-pancakes-and-it-is.html that involves bribes so hoping to get a big group.

  3. *blink blink*

    That is my name in there...wow..thanks!


    I hear that my sparkly bands that I ordered have shipped...I cannot wait for them to get here.

  4. Best Q&A ever. I'm coming with Madison. I'll bear solo cups.

  5. It doesn't matter if it is afternoon or not. I literally could eat all day long. SEE YOU IN... 10 DAYS?????

  6. Nice Q & A, thanks!!! When I want to skip I will say to myself "Hey, if she can do it...!" I did make it to a spin class last night. Baby is starting wean off the breast feeding so that will help too.

    I am a graphic designer and would love to help with anything you need. Email me at deirdre@ohwellwhatever.com let me know.

    Trying to work up the nerve to register for for PCRF on Team Gab....gotta get running!

  7. For me to stop afternoon snacking...I try to eat a high protien snack like mixed nuts and dried fruit, I also take a b12 vitamin to boost my energy with a big glass of water. I find if I have less energy in the afternoon I want to snack more. If I can keep my energy up I get distracted by other things and forget about snacking. :)


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