Monday, May 2, 2011

April Recap

April was good to me. I felt good the whole month, my runs got better, faster. I hit 66 of a scheduled 66.5 miles (I skipped my last run pre-half last week, due to crappy scheduling on my part). I even went to yoga twice, and did some at home. Which was great, and makes me wonder why I don't do it more often.

I started speed work about 3 weeks ago, and have seen my paces drop a TON. I mean... 11:45-11:30, to comfortably maintaining 10:45-10:35.

Amazing what you can pull off when you train for it ;).

Suck Less Challenge: I sucked at it. I skipped 1 full week, because... for no reason, other than I was just TIRED. It's back on for May, though.

I'll cover the PCRF half in a separate post. I will say, that I PR'ed significantly (hard not to when there aren't costumed characters every mile...), I did ALL of my training right and felt really strong going in, and completely failed on executing. Bombed.

What's on tap for May?

Not sure. It's the first month since October that I've not had a training plan to work off of. I start training at the end of the month for Disneyland in September - gives me a 16 week schedule to work on. I'm putting this one together on my own, so we'll see how that goes. I've got a 5K at the beginning of June, my Corona del Mar vindication. My time last year was 37:57. I hit 35:XX in Dana Point after that... and pulled out a 32:xx yesterday during the half. So I'll probably fill in May with some shorter runs, focusing on speed work and hills.

All in all, it was a good month. I'm bummed about how things went for me yesterday, but... meh. I did everything right heading in, so that really good to know.


  1. Good job sticking with your training. Some days are good and some are rough. I'll look forward to reading your race report.

  2. i have a feeling May is going to be even better for you. Suck less and laugh more. SOund good?

  3. The point is you got the work in, nice job, May will be much better, I have a feeling

  4. Great job on May and the speed training. I'm curious what you are doing for speed training? I really, really need to work on my speed. E-mail me if you wouldn't mind by just responding to this post. Thanks!

  5. Great month! And wow, what a difference in your pace--that speed work is clearly working REALLY well!

  6. I know that you rocked your half ... so I think you've inspired me to finally give speed work a try!

  7. I've sucked at your suck less challenge....congrats again on your half : )


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