Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly roundup, plans, and pictures

Last week, I didn't really have a plan. I kind of intended to do what my body felt like it could do.

Apparently, that was not much. My ankle is being shaaaaady. I tried the stupid bike in the gym, and that was... okay. It was boring. I got sweaty. It'll do, I guess.

So, my original schedule for this week was going to be:
Monday: Suck Less
Tuesday: 3 miles, easy
Wednesday: Suck Less
Thursday: 3 miles, easy
Friday: Suck Less
Saturday: 4 miles, easy

It's looking more like:
Monday: Suck Less?
Tuesday: Birthday Cake for #2
Wednesday: Suck Less? Yoga?!
Thursday: Bike of Boredom?
Friday: Suck Less??
Saturday: Run/Bike of Boredom, whichever I can take

I'm all registered for Corona del Mar 5K on June 4th, where I intend to smoke my competition (aka, my friend's husband). Well, that *was* the intention, but The Ankle? Shaaaady.

Anyway, lest I be all pouting and whining, my weekend was pretty fun!

Gabby started Delayed Intensification (DI) on Friday with a BANG. 4 types of chemo, a lumbar puncture under sedation... and was all smiles when I got home and she showed off her Hello Kitty sunglasses :D

I would have been melted into a puddle of woe-is-me.

I went shopping ALL BY MYSELF on Saturday, to the farmers market, the magical Ross by my house, and Sprouts - my three favorite places to be. I almost picked up this fuschia prom dress....

But I refrained. I'm still not sure why, it's stunning and I need it. I'll wear it everywhere.

I wound up with this much more practical (aka, BOOOOORING) slate blue number..


Mother's Day got me this card from #2... I *am* a good typer.

We spent the day shopping and wandering Orange County, and came home with... a car that drives on walls and the ceiling...


Had a super late lunch, so we had dessert for dinner, because I'm REALLY working for that Mother of the Year award.


And I made a ginormous, ugly, REALLY good chocolate cake for Tuesday.

Phew. Happy Monday!


  1. Awesome weekend...and you TOTALLY need the prom dress!

  2. I need details on that car!!

  3. That car is AWESOME!

    As is that hot pink dress. Rrrrrow.

  4. LOL @ that dress! I got a ball gown once at Marshalls for $40... I wear it on Halloween now :P That blue one is boring-er but it does look very nice on you :)

    I love the plan! Your MWF match my MWF!

    Gabby... that girl is personality- PLUS! I am new to your blog and just did a little back reading... will do more. My heart aches... and smiles ... at the same time.

    Dessert for dinner is enough to make any day the BEST!

  5. How does that car drive on the ceiling!!!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend

  6. Your house sounds wicked fun, dessert for dinner, cars that drive on the ceiling and chocolate cake...dang!
    That little lady of yours is a tougher cookie that I could ever even hope to be. I'm just sorry she HAS to be a tough cookie so often.
    BEAUTY in both dresses!

  7. i love both the dresses! the pink is so fun and the blue is great to wear all the time! cute!

  8. heather, your daughter's smile and your hot dress should make you jump for JOY! WOW! Be proud woman, you look great and youre raising a very strong young lady!

  9. I like the slate blue one, too. And, of course, LOVE the Hello Kitty glasses. Those are da bom.

  10. your little one is one hell of a trouper : )

    Go and get that hot pink dress!!!

  11. I totally regret not buying my prom dress last spring. I think you have to go back and get it.

  12. I hope by now you went back and have that pink dress in your possession. If not you need to.

  13. haha. Love the good typer comment!
    I don't think the blue dress is boring - i really like the neckline. Although the pink is pretty awesome =).

  14. I like both dresses! The blue I could wear to work. I think you need to go back and get the pink one. Not to enable you...IJS.

    I'm so mad you took a pic of your daughter in time out. LOL! Good memories for her to look back on: "...and this is when you showed your azz in the Target..." LOL! :P

  15. the dresses. they're gorgeous.

    and the hot tub crap- it's so true. if you just STAY there, people will hate you, but it's worth it.

  16. Rockin' sunglasses!
    You NEED that fuschia dress. Seriously NEED it!!

    I've weenied out of running - I think. SO, I'm going to do a work out that involves my upper body. You motivated me to do that with all of your sucking less. Woohoo - thanks!


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