Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tantrum Tuesday

1. Last week, I skipped Suck Less program. Again. Looks like May is the month of Sucking More. I did cycle, Thursday for 45 min and Sunday am for an hour. It's still not really fun, but it'll do. And, I refuse to wear anything fun or look cute. No knee socks or running skirts for the bike. Just as a protest.


2. At least, until The Ankle stops being a brat.

3. Let's talk about The Ankle. I don't know what its problem is, but I am over.it. It's not swollen, at all. It's not bruised. All I know is I still can't run - I tried to jog an easy mile on Sunday before the cycle, but quit at a quarter mile. It wasn't even hurting yet, but it was definitely getting there. By the end of the day, I was limping.

3a. This marks over 2 weeks of resting it. No running. None. And it still sucks.

3b. I've tried icing, and no difference. I've been wearing KT Tape, but I'm not sure if it's helping or not...

3c. This is the offending body part:


Any part along that black line could hurt at any given time. Not all of it hurts, at once, but the pain moves. Shady, man.

3d. I thought the wedges were helping, but now they're not. I spoke too soon about my hidden medical talents.

3e. I am at a loss, and greatly annoyed.

4. This all is looking very, very shady for Corona del Mar 5K in 2 weeks. Unless you're my friend's husband and were planning on me kicking your ass. Then it looks really, really good.

5. Because I'm not running, I guess I should also be more careful about what I'm eating. Since I'm not training, no need to eat like I am, right? Bleh. Welcome back, SparkPeople.

6. I spent all of Friday, part of Sunday, and most of yesterday undoing a project that I just did at work. Why? Not because I'm stupid. But because my boss gave me poor directions. And despite me telling her, several times, that it was wrong, she insisted she was right. But she wasn't. Thanks, chick.

7. Outsourced and Human Target got cancelled?! WTF.

8. Remember how, back in March, #1 was supposed to spend a week on a pretty island? But I had to go pick her up because she got sick? That sucked.

8a. She was supposed to ride her bike to Newport Back Bay today for another 6th grade field trip. Except, today? This is happening...


Which is pretty much unheard of for SoCal in May. And, apparently, there are NO OTHER DAYS in the month before school ends that they will be able to make up the trip. WTF. Poor kid.

8b. This creeper has been creeping up my office window all day. I'm not sure where he thinks he's going...


9. Gabby was on a heavy dose of The Steroid last week, but it was only for the week. We have Monday through Thursday totally off of everything - no meds at all, no doctor. It's pretty great. But she woke up at 5am screaching about being hungry. Hello, delayed reaction....

10. My SIL invited us to meet her up in Yosemite in a few weeks. We can't. I'm sad.

Lest I be all whining and pouting....
1. My mom sent us some goodies that she made for the kids...


Why yes, those are my medals hanging on a plastic hook right next to my front door. Who needs a medal hanger? This girl. Are you listening, Allied Medal Hangers?


She hasn't let go of that cat for a second. She sleeps with it. Freaking. Cute.

2. This is pretty much the best thing I've ever had in my life.


3. I don't know. She's crazy.



  1. Outsourced was cancelled!? Not cool. They didn't even tie up the loose ends! Booo.

  2. I'm sorry about your ankle and that it won't get better. That sucks!

    It also sucks that Outsourced was cancelled. I really enjoyed that show!!

  3. I don't want to rain further on your parade....but it sounds like you might have a stress fracture. Have you had an x-ray?

    Hopefully it's just something else. Hope it's feeling better.

    At least you can see the bright side of things...love the pics of the girls :)

  4. Just in the last week or two I have started having the exact same problem. That is the same spot I am having issues with. I got on the internet and it looked like to me it has to do with my peroneal tendonits. They had a video on the web showing how to tape it. I am going to try that. Otherwise I dont know what else to do either. I have my 20k in 17 days. This really sucks.

  5. I liked all the bright stuff on the post

  6. I liked all the bright stuff on the post

  7. Oh I hope that ankle is nothing serious....
    Sorry for all the bad stuff. This too shall pass right?
    We've got that cat's sister here...named Stripes!

  8. I know you probably don't need another medical bill but I would high tail it to the dr for xrays or an MRI. sigh. The pain is very suspicious and just taping it up when you might need to be in an air cast or boot for a bit might make it worse. :( Hope things get better!

  9. time to aqua jog? Maybe that will help the ankle.
    Love your little ones, too cute is right!

  10. I did NOT like Outsourced. I am, however, upset that $#!* My Dad Says is getting pulled.

    Chocolate Raspberry is THE BOMB. I haven't had the choc. rasp. creamer, but I VERY MUCH LOVE choc. rasp. Gevalia coffee with white chocolate mocha CoffeeMate. Best combination ever.

  11. Yeah I totally thought about giving my tuesday post the same name!

  12. Dang that ankle and the lack of running!
    Sorry about the field trip also, poor little one.
    Love the photos of your lovelies at the end, just made me smile!

  13. I sure hope you get some answers and/or some relief regarding your ankle. Unexplained, nondisappearing pain is a total …ummm…pain. Wish I had winning advice to offer on that. Just love the pics of the kids :) And the snake hat (that's a snake, right?)… awesome :)

  14. I love this post. I know it isn't like it is all happy - I mean who wants to have a funky ankle? But maybe I like it because I empathize? And because you have cute kids?

    Guess I'll skip the wedges tomorrow after all. Damn.

    And I like your window visitor!


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