Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. The Ankle came back after the PCRF Half (recap HERE), and with some attitude. It seems to be settling down a little now, and I'm hoping to get some hiking in this weekend... and start training for Corona del Mar next week.

2. Gabby starts this "Delayed Intensification" round of chemo today. It's super, duper intense looking. I dislike that. We've been pretty lucky so far, that she hasn't had any major effects from anything, so fingers crossed that this continues.

3. #2's birthday is next week. On her wish list? Sugar, graphing paper, a kimono, a mini-fridge. Thanks, #2. That's super helpful.


  1. Sugar! Haha, that's funny. Graphing paper? How old is she?

    I hope the chemo goes ok. Gabby sounds like a tough little chica.

  2. Love that wish list. All things practical!

    I really hope all goes as well as possible for Gabby during this next round.

  3. Your children certainly are NOT lacking in personality! I mean who, other than a college student or guy that lives in his mom's basement, wants a mini-fridge? That is just awesome!

    You should find one! Like a little replica. A 3" tall fridge. I mean did #2 specify that it had to be a working, functional fridge??

  4. general? A bag of confectioner's sugar, done and done. Great list!
    Fingers crossed for your lovely little lady.
    Hope that the ankle is stellar for hiking for you this weekend!

  5. 1-I hope your ankle will let you enjoy the hiking..nice!
    2-Blech...good vibes coming Gabby's way..
    3-Happy Birthday #2..I like your random wish list.

  6. Go Gabby!! I'm rooting for her. If anyone can handle it, she can. She's my hero...for real.

    And #2 is rad. She's not settling for something from a commercial on the Disney channel. Good for her!


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