Thursday, May 12, 2011


1. I've been MIA from... everything, really. I'm in a funk. And it's starting to seriously irritate me, because I'm letting things get to me that just shouldn't. And, I haven't run in 11 days. Not that I'm counting.

2. I made some questionable shoe choices the last few days, considering The Ankle situation (which I've google-fu'ed and determined is peroneal tendonitis...). First, there was the slate blue dress from last weekend (HERE), that I decided would go great with these fantastic Michael Kors wedges that I got like 6 months ago, and have never worn... until I decided they would go perfectly with the dress.


(It's true, they did).

Then this...


3. But THEN!! It was like the heavens smiled upon me, when I read that a heel wedge is suggested for recovery to help stabilize the tendons, or something. Obviously, I missed my calling as a doctor. I'm like a natural.


  1. OMG I love those MK wedges. Love love. Want.

    I had a bad bout of Pernoeal Tendonitis last year and yeah, doc said a heel would alleviate the pressure. Came to my follow up in 5" heels and he was like,
    "ummmm, that's not what I meant"

    Tomato, Tomahto

  2. Very cute wedges!!! I hope you heal quickly!!

  3. so smart :):) wanted to let you know I posted a pic on my blog of the ribbon for Gabby when I ran Big Sur.

  4. I've got some MK pants hanging in my closet for years now unworn that would go great with those shoes...but we wouldn't want to conceal that badass K-tape now would we?

  5. you're amazing really...good luck w/ your funk. Don't forget the swears!

  6. Really? Hello wedges, I'll be wearing you tomorrow!


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