Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm super original... 2010 recap

My "15 Things to do Before Dec. 31" went... Ok. At some point, my focus was put more towards my running goals, rather than the miscellany on my list.

But, to recap...
3. I haven't been super strict about the eating out once a week. I am going to keep working on that, because I would really like to do this.

4. The henna turned out to be more complex than I anticipated. Ive got about 5" of new growth, followed by 18" of chemically treated hair. It'd take some guess work and luck to match up the right ingredients to get the look I want, and I'm not confident enough in my abilities.
As a side-note, I'm no longer on the No 'Poo bandwagon. With all the running, it's really rough on my hair. Right now, I'm washing once a week, and water or CO'ing the rest of the week. It seems to be working, so I suppose for now it's a suitable compromise.

5. I haven't gotten ANY hiking in for months, and I'm pretty bummed about that. I really miss hitting the trails, but my schedule has made it tough. It really doesn't help that we've had rain for, like, the last three weekends, and all of the trails are currently closed for repair. I'm pretty stoked to try some trail running soon, since I already have some trail running shoes.

10. I miss my cousins. :(.

12. I am still considering vegetarianism. To be really honest, I've been incredibly lazy about my eating, in general. It needs to change.

13. I have sucked at visiting the market. See also, above, about how I've been lazy about eating.

14. See above, again, with the lazy. I really prefer to run in the mornings. The gym in my complex doesn't open until 6, which makes it impossible to get a run in before work. Running outside isn't advisable, its dark and I have no appropriate running gear. I tend to do my weekend runs in the morning, when I can.

So, what's on tap for 2011? I'm keeping this one simple...
1. Stick to my training plan
2. Stay un-injured
3. Add cross training three times/week, a combo of yoga, pilates, pushups and sit ups.
4. Build a strong mileage base
5. Get my eating back in check. 5 mile run doesn't earn me whatever I want

That's it, pretty simple. I didn't stick any mileage goals in there on purpose - I'm planning on just building my base, and eventually some basic speed work. I've got a handful of races on my calendar...

Jan. - SoCal Half Marathon (tentative)
Feb. - Redondo Beach 10K, Disney Princess Half
March - Safari Park Half
June - Corona del Mar 5K
Oct. - Disneyland Half

December running recap...
In December, I ran 58 miles. Unreal.
My longest run this month was 8 miles.
My average pace was 11:53
I re-did my 1 mile time trial, and decreased my time by almost 2 minutes. In october, I ran a mile in 10:46. In December, 8:48.

Happy New Year :D


  1. Hey! We'll be at TWO of the same races next year. Go us!

    58 miles - Wow!
    8 miles - Wow!

    You're so going to rock next year's races for sure!!

  2. Hooray lazy!!
    Hooray trail running!!


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