Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm a bit (teeny) of a Disney nut. Since registering for the Princess half, and booking airfare, I've determined that I'm now free to unleash my planning freak, and obsess over every teeny detail - like dining reservations. I want to make ADR's now now now! :D. Madness.

2. I totally thought, yesterday, that it was Tuesday. I was complaining to a couple of my co-workers about how I just don't feel like working the rest of the week, and I'm just blah. One of them said, "But we're leaving early tomorrow, it's like a Friday! Only a few hours left!"... And I totally said, out loud, "OH, we're working half days on Wednesday AND Thursday?? Awesome!".... Right. Except yesterday WAS Wednesday. My mind, she's lost.

3. I'm shopping for a new couch. The ones we have are a little creepy, I bought 'em in a hurry on Craigslist almost a year and a half ago, and my kids have wreaked some SERIOUS havoc on them. Which was fine, 'cause it was $50 and that's really about all I care to spend when I have a bunch of kids still. But these Craigslisters, in Orange County, they must be outside of their minds. True excerpt:
"$400. Notable physical damage caused by small hungry dog. Besides this it
is in great condition".

Really?? $400? Notable Physical Damage?

Right. I think we're going with this one from Ikea:

Christms plans, anyone?

Last year, we took kidlets to Laguna, and spent the day on the beach, then went hiking. All of that is out of the question now, thanks to the rain. For Easter, we took them rock climbing in Joshua Tree... I was told, in no uncertain terms, that there was ZERO interest in either the beach or Joshua Tree. What is wrong with them?! I mean. What kid DOESN'T want to spend Christmas on a beach or rock climbing?? Sigh.


  1. LOVE(!!!) the couch.

    We are insanely family-oriented at Christmas. We did my dad's family last weekend, and we have my mom's family Christmas Eve, Levi's immediate family Christmas day, and Levi's extended family the day after Christmas. And then we hole up and don't answer the door or the phone for about a week. ;)

  2. That Ikea couch is fab! I like the extension on the one side. That would definitely be my spot.
    Thanks for linking in to my post today, I love the idea of sharing everyone's Thursday posts.
    So sorry about your weather---
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I would GLADLY ditch this hustle and bustle Christmas crap for the beach!

  4. Damn kids...Why any of us ever bred I'll never know... (Joke)....(mostly).... :)

  5. I think now is the totally appropriate time to plan away! I mean the Princess Half is ONLY 2 months away! ---which some might say that in a sarcastic way, seriously, it is ONLY two months away!! We have so much to do, so much to plan, so many miles to run .... the time to plan is NOW!!

    I need a new couch, too. I think I'd pass on the doggy damaged one as well. Heck, the one I have now IS doggie damaged, which is why I need a new one!

  6. I too would take the beach over trekking to my sister's place any day.
    How can you not wanna plan every delicious Disney detail? Enjoy!

  7. oh IKEA, its so addicting. I love the couch. Hope the beach was fun! Merry Christmas!


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