Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis the season

I love Disney.

I also love a good sale.

Which prompted me to visit Downtown Disney at 5:45am for some ridiculous sale at World of Disney.

Dude. These people are NO JOKE. It's like we're in Soviet Russia and there's a bread line. People have commandeered entire corners of this store to lay out all the crap they've grabbed, so they can sort and decide what they want.

I'm guessing this is what Walmart is like on Black Friday, but with fewer mullets.

I might be scarred. This isn't really magical.

UPDATE: after moving about 10 feet in the checkout line in 40 minutes, and having at least another hour to go, I quit. I'm not as hardcore as I thought, apparently.


  1. I would have quit too!!! You are hilarious. What started the intense love for disney? I love disney too....I still beg my husband to take me every time we are there. Sounds like it was a zoo!

  2. That sounds terrifying!
    When I worked for Disney and they'd have special Cast sales - they'd have to bus us in to the shopping area. I figured that was their way of crowd control. Except I'd see people going nuts for broken things and for lost and found?? Sad, but true!

  3. blech! I don't blame you...nightmare!

  4. I kind of stalk you ha! Seriously, any oreo is a good oreo ha! No jam next to protein...maybe I am the weird one:)

  5. Thanks so much girl and happy disney planning:)

  6. Did you at least get anything good in disney? Or did you have to leave everyyything behind. haha. I love disney and we have a vacation house in orlando! Disney at Christmas is my favorite time to visit. It really knows how to show the Christmas spirit.


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