Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To race or not to race.....

There's a race coming up in early January. It literally starts down the street from me... Like I could walk to the starting line.

Anyway, there's a half marathon and a 5K option. The half is a reasonable $50, shirt and medal included. The 5K is a weird $40 price... More than I really want to spend to run my regular outdoor loop when I do it for free once a week.

I'd been eyeballing the 5K just as a redemptive race. But the more I think about it, the less I want to be bothered. I mean. I run that course frequently, and I already know even my easy run pace puts me at significantly faster than my last 5K. And I don't even have to pay for it, or dodge kids and dogs.

My training plan calls for 11 miles that weekend anyway... What's 2.1 more, really? I mean, I could always walk the first two, right? Two birds, one stone? Plus, this one my kids and the H could come and watch me finish... I don't get that in florida for the Princess Half.

Decisions, decisions...

Edited: I just realized the date of this race is my Oma's birthday. . I think that half will have to be done.


  1. You totally have to do the half! You are right - it is only an extra 2.1 ... and you get a medal!

    I never race in my hometown. I can't justify paying money to run where I run every other day for free. But then the very few races we have here are either really lame or way too overpriced to just get a stupid cotton t-shirt.

  2. Yay! Do the half!!!! I have one this weekend and I am super excited!

  3. I wouldn't pay $40 to run what you already run for free. That being said, you should definitely do the half and treat treat it as a training run with bling. Who doesn't love bling?

  4. I'd race. The course support alone will make it better than an 11 mile solo run. I'm addicted to racing so you maybe shouldn't take my advice :)

  5. Do the 1/2. Most beginner training plans only have you going to 10 or 11 miles before the 1/2 anyway, so you'll be prepared. You'll do great and it will help you for Princess to figure out your fuel and fluids.

  6. #1.... Do it... For Oma

    #2... You will have **some** family at the Disney princess half... The kids and I will be there!!! And that makes me excited!!!


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