Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. My kids rock my socks. #1 was recognized by her peers for always demonstrating respect...
#2 won a free trip to In n' Out, for reading a ton...

#3 didn't actually do anything super exciting, but she was pretty stoked to get to see #1 at school.

2. Tomorrow is Disney Princess Half registration day, and it's holding at 75%!!! WOOOT!

3. I'm registered for the Operation Jack half on 12/26. I did it on impulse, I saw a reasonable registration, and the beach, and a medal, and pulled the trigger. I think I have registration regret now. I'm not ready for a half, and I know I'll be pissy when I suck at it. So now comes the delimma - do it anyway, knowing that it will suck, but just treat it like a training run (I'm scheduled 8 miles this day)... and accept that I might just be the last person out on that course... What to do, what to do...


  1. i think you should do it and stop this quote unquote remorse. how about "scared"? in either case, DO IT. be nike.

  2. DO IT!! and enjoy it. Well, your first will probably be your worst so, you'll just be getting it out of the way for future awesomeness. Also, I consider DFL a mark of pride.

  3. treat the half like a training run. Good easy miles! You can do it.
    And a free in and out gift card, thats a steal! HAPPY FRIDAY!

  4. 1. Respect is Awesome! That is great that her friends recognized it!!
    2. I like In-and-Out. I just get grilled cheese on the very rare occasion that I can go to one, but my favorite part is watching them cook everything so efficiently.
    3. Okay, so I already saw that you registered, Yipee!!
    4. Run it! You need the medal - even if you are the last one to finish. Be like Nike and Just Do It!


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