Monday, July 8, 2013

Training Time, Day 1: PFTW

Last Week
Monday: nothing?
Tuesday: 5 miles, easy with some fartleks (random speed increase on the treadmill during Chopped commercials)
Wednesday: Barre
Thursday: 5 miles speed*, cross training
Friday: nothing
Saturday: 4 swampy, sweaty miles
Sunday: nothing
Total: 14 miles

After spectating everyone sprinting in at the July 4th 5K Thursday, I was inspired to try my first speed session since March.

I knew, for sure, I could not train at the paces I did when I regularly ran fast things. I took my PCRF 5K time from May, and played around with the paces in McMillan Running Pace Calculator until I found some 400 paces that looked reasonable, and then pulled a speed work agenda from the Train Like a Mother 5k "Own It" plan.

I plan on PR'ing the hell out of Cypress 5k in 3 weeks, which I think is completely reasonable after 3 whole weeks of speed work. Right?

JK. I have decided to make a "goal" time - it's a little fast, and I'd pretty much be surprised if I hit it, but eh. If nothing else, it will be a good indication of where I actually am with speed.

This week....
Monday: Rest (luckily, this is my expertise)
Tuesday: 5 tempo
Wednesday: 3
Thursday: 5 hills
Friday: rest
Saturday: easy/rest
Sunday: Long! 10ish.

Today is day 1 of a new training plan (stolen and butchered from SarahOUaL's google doc - my version here, and OUaL's original here). I am planning on an Oct. 27 marathon (Paso Robles Marathon, which looks amazing in SR's pictures).

It's a pretty long training cycle I've built myself, but I'm hoping to still do a lot of my long runs on trails to keep me interested, and I've got some cushion in there to allow things to be flexible. There are some extra maaaaybe races thrown in there, as well, so we'll see how things actually shake out.

I'm excited to get back at it, and really excited to knock a race off my Wish List.


We've been working on some home improvement projects the last week, which will continue forEVER, I think.

Among the purchases that The H denied me this weekend were this amazing Moose rug from Ikea...

 photo null_zpsd0b1302d.jpg

And these AMAZING 50's chairs - the turquoise naugahyde is the ORIGINAL. What.
 photo null_zps888186ad.jpg
These are beautiful, and they were STURDY. And only $20 each.

He's broken sometimes.


  1. Those chairs are AMAZING. I cannot believe that B didn't let you get them!!

  2. Dude, I love a good Google doc....I like that there are spaces to add in or rest.

    But, a 50k before your goal marathon is a bit backwards...hehe.

  3. I set a new 5K PR last week after just one session at the track, so if you have 3 you'll set it on fire lol!

    love the chairs..I think you'll look back on that and regret it. Oh well.

  4. Love those chairs! I have to tell you that after seeing they were doing a Dumbo Challenge AND added a 10K to Tink, I couldn't wait to do it at Tink, but they aren't doing a special challenge for doing both, boo hoo!

  5. Look at you with a plan! I am so impressed and a little bit jealous. I need to get my training sorted out, but I'm just in this head in the sand place right now and it seems to be working really well for me.

  6. Eh, sometimes you just have to go out & do the best you can to get a baseline. Good luck with the 5K!

  7. I love that you describe the hot/humid ones as swampy! :) Great week.

  8. The dress and NOW the chairs!?!? those things are awesome!! look foward to following this training plan of yours...guessing RNR Denver would be out then? I will find out next week if that is even an option...


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