Monday, July 1, 2013

Does an 8 mile week even count? PFTW and Harding Hustle Volunteering

Hilariously, Friday's Five post was post number 555 on this blog. I didn't even realize it. I love alliteration!

Last week....
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Barre
Wednesday: 3.5 miles, tempo
Thursday: Yoga, Core, 4.5 miles easy
Friday: Barre
Saturday: Volunteering
Sunday: Nothing

This week...
Monday: 4-5 miles
Tuesday: Cross training
Wednesday: 3-4 miles
Thursday: Cross training, 7-8 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross training
Sunday: 3-4/rest

I really intended to do a long run this weekend, but - don't mock me - volunteering Saturday was exhausting. And, it was really hot. I know that's kind of lame, but... oh well. I don't really have anything coming up that I need to be training for, so I guess it's not a crisis.

The cross training is still happening, so at least there's that?

Since Thursday is a holiday, I'm planning on doing my "long" run then, but we'll see? I'm practicing "flexibility".

Or lazy. Whaterver.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early at 3:56am to make it up to the race site to volunteer at the start line of Harding Hustle, a local 50k/30k/15k.
 photo null_zpsc82ccb05.jpg

 photo null_zpsf25e52a8.jpg

It was warm already when I got there and started working in the dark at 4:45am, so these people that showed up to run 31+ miles on exposed trail in the mountains? Impressive.
 photo null_zpsd7b7c66b.jpg

The race is held in Modjeska Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains - probably less than 10 miles from me as the crow flies, but 18 driving miles - and this was all the wildlife I spotted.
 photo null_zpsb0a98e43.jpg
On my 2nd of three trips to the closest (not close at all) grocery store for the RD...
The runners seemed to really enjoy the race, despite the temps at the peak reaching 100*. The RD had cash prizes for first overall male and female in each race, plus customized coffee mugs for each AG winner.
 photo null_zps5e3b6470.jpg

I don't come up to the mountains here very often (as in, ever), but it wasn't a bad spot to spend some time Saturday morning.
 photo null_zps8f9efaf1.jpg

I love volunteering.

On Sunday, I spent hours and hours and hours trying on things to wear. I almost bought this just because it was the cutest dress I ever did see.
 photo null_zpsd7ccba17.jpg
But common sense prevailed when I realized I have no afternoon tea plans coming up...


  1. I really love that dress. Is it not something you could wear to work? Because I totally would.

  2. Volunteering IS exhausting! I don't blame you for skipping the long run - though there was no mention of pink fruity drinks from Sat night?

    Cute dress. :)

  3. That dress is super cute, I think you could find lots of reasons to wear it! As for volunteering, it really is a lot of work and can be totally exhausting!

  4. Nice job volunteering. Those turkeys should know better than to hang out at the grocery store!

    The dress is cute. I wish I had more reasons to wear and have cute dresses, but I don't either

  5. dress is totally cute. if i lived in cali we would have tea date so you could wear it. i might wear it as well, haha.

  6. love that dress! you should've bought it and found a party. :) i'm so logical, i know.


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