Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five - Woodbridge 5K Recap

1. Yesterday, #1 ran our local neighborhood 5k with her new Cross Country team. They've only been training for a few weeks, so this was nothing high pressure - just to get the kids acclimated to the race atmosphere. #1 is pretty much a professional at this already...

Age group win #1....
 photo ee0bfc74.jpg

Age group win #2 (plus her standing 5k PR - not that I'm keeping track or anything...)....
 photo Picnikcollage-37.jpg

Age group win #3...
 photo 028.jpg

Since I've barely been running, I decided not to run this year. I know I'm nowhere close to in shape to beat my PR (from this course last year), and 5k's kind of hurt.

Instead, I played race photographer with The H (who is, in fact, fast enough to run out to meet #1 for a photo op and then run back to the finish line).

(Spoiler, I'm a not great photographer).

Can you spy the #1?

The Jesus looking fella towards the left started out in the lead, and crushed everyone. Apparently, he's one of #1's coaches. They do, in fact, call him Jesus. Also, I think he's wearing a kids' sized shirt????

Hey dad, just out for a stroll.

Nice chatting, see ya.

Creepy focus.
Better than her time on this course last year by a minute, and she was barely even exerting herself.

Natural talent is a jerk.

2. Also, this guy finished I think 3rd male??

 photo null_zps5c3148be.jpg

So in our top 3, we had Jesus and Elvis.

We saw Elvis out on our way home, jogging a cool down, STILL in costume. That's dedication.

3. I also got to see Julie! She looks so festive!!
She PR'ed, nbd. Maybe it was that bike pacer next to her. (JK, that woman was just randomly riding her bike on the course right by the finish line. What.)

4. All this spectating made me want to start training. I don't know why, because man, some of those people looked miserable - finishing a hard 5k is TERRIBLE. But, it made me come home and do my first for real speed work session in MONTHS. Seriously, months - according to Daily Mile, my last legit speedwork was some 800's back in MARCH. That's 4 months ago.

No wonder I'm so slow.

Anyway, I did 400's and I didn't die. I kind of liked it. It was pretty humbling to realize that my 400 pace is significantly slower than it used to be, but I guess I'm glad that I thought to be practical about it, and not just try to run the same pace I used to and then be a whiner that I'm so slow now - realistic expectations, for my current fitness level.

Totally related, I TOTALLY recall now how speedwork makes your legs feel FATIGUED. That was exhausting.

5. In the meantime.... I've drafted a training plan, that starts next week. I might throw in the City of Cypress 5k in a few weeks - it was a good race, and #1 needs a second 5k for the summer, and this one was pretty affordable. And there were ice pops at the end.

I guess I'm feeling like I'm done resting and taking things easy?

I'm waffling between two potential fall/winter races - Paso Robles Marathon in October, and Santa Clarita Marathon in November. Both look like smaller races, scenic, and are not too pricey. My only real hesitation right now is some work stuff, but hopefully that will be sorted out over the next few weeks.

Long Beach is dead on at the right time frame for what I was looking for, but I really just don't want to run LB. Not any part of it looks like fun to me. Once was enough, thanks.


  1. Congrats to # 1! And happy belated 4th. 5Ks do hurt. They need more zeroes in front of them to make them not hurt. Like 50K, or better yet, 500K.

  2. Youth and their natural talents. I am jealous of our teenagers.

    What? You don't want to run in Montana in September?

  3. You should check out Humboldt Redwoods Marathon for the fall. Scenic, cheap, and small too.

  4. Congrats to #1! That kid is speedy.

    I have a love/hate relationship with speed work. For instance - that exhausted feeling you speak of -- I hate it during the speed work, but love the feeling afterwards. Good luck with your training!

  5. #1 is a rock star! Love how the star line photo shows LITTLE boys right on the front line. Too cute.

  6. Young people and their natural speed just kill me. Ugh, to be young and talented....or just young. 5ks hurt sooo much, I'm not sure why people run them for fun.

  7. This makes me think three things:

    1. I want to start legit training again.

    2. I want to be like #1.

    3. #1 IS a jerk. Jerk, Jerk, Jerk! ;)

  8. #1 makes it look sooo easy and effortless in her pics!


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