Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping + Training: Week 2. PFTW

Last week....

40 minute barre from this terrible YouTube video. For such miniscule movements, it sure is HARD.

5 miles, with 3 at tempo. Goal was 1 mile warm up, 3 @ 9:50-10, 1 mile cool down. Actual was 10:10, 9:52, 9:40. My legs were EXHAUSTED from barre the day before, and it was hard to warm up. Plus, I did it before work, so it was extra hard. Morning work outs should give extra credit miles.

AM: Tank Top Arms, Core, and a new-to-me 10 minute post-run stretch video.
PM: 25 minute bike ride, 10 minute swim

Renegade Summer Trail Run - 5 miles on hills, recap posted here.


AM: 3 mile bike, 1 mile run
PM: 2 mile hilly hike with the kids

8 miles, easy pace with some strides the last few miles.

Total running miles: 19
Bike: 8.36
Cross training: 4x!!

Plan for this week....
Monday: core, arms, stretch
Tuesday: am run (5 miles, speed), bike
Wednesday: barre, swim (run?)
Thursday: cross train, run (5-6 easy), bike
Friday: rest!
Saturday: swim (dun dun DUN) (run?)
Sunday: Long run (12)

It's obvious there are some changes to my normal training, and some things I'm adding in.... I'll post more about this, and my plans tomorrow when I have things kind of straightened out in my head.

This weekend, we spent a night camping at O'Neill Regional Park, a local spot about 30 minutes from us in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains.

Gabby has been BEGGING to go camping (our last trip was to Yosemite before leukemia, in 2010! Recaps here and here). While I'd love to head back to Yosemite, it's not really in the cards for this summer. My friend was interested in trying out camping with the two kids she's created since we last camped, so we planned a joint trip to this super local place, JUST IN CASE the trip needed to be called off.

We've hiked O'Neill before, and I remembered that I wasn't a fan, but couldn't really remember WHY. Until we went hiking. And THEN we remembered that we hated hiking there because we found the trail marking to be confusing. I'm pretty good at navigating, and really comfortable when I have a map. I've never gotten lost while hiking, until this place. I'm not sure why, or what was OFF, but it was An Ordeal.

The camping was FINE. The park just isn't my favorite, and I doubt we'll be back. Gabby had a splendid time, and the other girls seemed to at least not want to stab me in my sleep for taking them out to the Vast Wilderness. The weather was AMAZING, and we maybe didn't even need sleeping bags - it might have been warm enough without.

Most excitingly, The Snork's kids handled it great, and now we can plan more trips! Sequoias, anyone?

The pictures!
 photo null_zpsc9b62e3e.jpg
#2 is like a billy goat. She scaled this trail like it was nothing.
 photo null_zpsa5f18b44.jpg
We camp fancy.

 photo null_zps9028b795.jpg

 photo null_zpsb5cdff77.jpg

 photo null_zps7a03cb70.jpg

 photo null_zps77ce97e7.jpg
Good morning!
 photo null_zps7e5615bc.jpg
Gab sure looks suspicious.....




  1. Camping is the FUNNEST. Wish there was somewhere that close to me!

  2. They should give extra bonus miles for morning workouts, I think they're a lot harder.

    Also, s'mores during camping. Yum. Reason enough for me to sleep in a tent on the ground right there.

  3. Plastic martini glasses? Oh yeah!

    And, I confess, I didn't barre last week. I suck.

  4. swimming and biking?? that the change? :) you're a trooper. i could never camp. also, Gabby is getting sooo big. She looks so grownup!

  5. I love that you put your strawberrita in a plastic martini glass! You do camping right!


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