Tuesday, July 23, 2013

35 Things I'm Happy Remembering Today

I'm having kind of a crummy day. Compiling this list made me happier.

1. This guy.

2. #1

3. #2

4. #3
5. That we can play in the snow, wearing tank tops.

6. That I made these chocolate caramel shortbreads at Christmastime.

7. Running my first trail half with Rose.

8. Telling tiny Becka to run next to this very, very tall woman. Also, that B's singlet makes her look like an iPod.

9. Animal Kingdom during Goofy.

10. Team Gab (not so) Virtual Run, joined by Sheila (+kids), Sarah, and Traci.

11. The Team Gab IRL team at PCRF Reaching for the Cure races.

12. Running through Epcot at mile 26, in 85* weather + humidity, and it was the happiest run ever.

13. That we had hair styling night. Because there was enough hair to be styled.

14. This girl amazes me with her cleverness.

15. Running through the (second) happiest place on earth, so early that the castle is lit up like it's nighttime.

16. Snow playing and hiking here in February.

17. This magical Wish Trip.

18. This might be my most favorite character race picture ever. B and Krissy were the funnest.

19. I really, really kind of loved running through the raging river during CIM.

20. I think I hid it, but this poster during mile 8 at Eugene from Maureen's kiddo made me a little teary behind the laughing.

21. Running Ragnar SoCal with Team Nuun.

22. As great as they were, Van Awesome will always have my heart.

23. This was the Best.

24. Kids are hiiiiilarious.
25. I love this castle. 

26. Oh, Rose. She has the funnest ideas.

27. I have really great friends.

28. January's #RunALLTheDisney project was so fun.

29. VooDoo Trifecta.

30. Not every day you get to run with an Olympian through the happiest place on earth....

 31. Being a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador is GREAT.

32. Waking up to this view from my tent a few week ago.

33. Disney World Tour de Cupcake.
34. Opening the new Disney Store with Make a Wish.
35. All of everything with these people. 

Your turn! Tell me awesome things YOU remember. 


  1. I am so happy I made your list more than once!!

    I swear I have never seen that picture of me running with the giant amazon woman (maybe because you never recapped that race??) - I really DO look like an iPod. LOL!!

    (I still think you can salvage your birthday by having some delicious cake).

    See you in a few weeks!!!

  2. She does look like an iPod!!!

    I like #20 and #29 the best. And, I liked watching Pitch Perfect and eating pizza with you...

    Happy Birthday! I hope your day gets better, buddy.

  3. My dog, Remi had two ACL surgeries since January. He's finally rehabilitated and I took him to the dog park for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck, but he did awesome. He was swimming without any issues and I just couldn't stop smiling. He even played fetch with me better than he has ever done before. And soon (once I'm rehabilitated), he can start running with me again.

  4. There's always something to be grateful for, isn't there? Glad to hear the buttheads made the list.

  5. This list is awesome. Awesome attracts awesome.

    Today is a crummy day, but there will be better days. You have a ton to look forward to. Gabby's hair getting longer and longer. Run4Kids 2014. Your triathlon.

    Remember, you can't jelly a bad day up your butt.

  6. love this list Heather!! :)

    wish I could be with you to share cake & sing you a song. ok, maybe not sing you a song (I'm not a very good singer)! :)

    so much to be grateful & thankful for. I was just telling my hubby at dinner that I'm always so grateful our children are healthy. that seems to always be #1! there's always the little things around you that make you smile. I'll sometimes just smile as I'm washing the dishes because it instantly changes my mood. Tomorrow is a new day! BIG HUGS my friend.

  7. Love the list! Love all the pics! I think the best is Gab's hair, such an exciting thing. The medals are my next favorite, I was just telling my hubs I want to do that in 2015!

  8. You know, it's taken me nearly 8 months, but I think I'm actually almost to the point of remembering that horrific, horrific monsoon of a marathon fondly...


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