Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five

1. I've been doing this video that Kim proposed as a challenge....

It's 39 minutes long, and so so so so hard. The first day, I wasn't sure I would complete both rounds. My arms, back, and core were EXHAUSTED all day, and then sore the next 2 days. My triceps, specifically. WHAT ARE THOSE MUSCLES EVEN USED FOR, except exercising and being sore?


I did it again yesterday, and... still awful, but maybe a little LESS awful? Hard to say.

I'll try again to confirm.

2. I've been waking up early to exercise all week. I know, I'm not sure what's gotten into me.

Okay, that's kind of a lie. I've gotten up at my normal time, but with summer here, I have freeeeeee time in the morning to work out, instead of getting kids ready for school/walking Gabby to school. And for some wacky reason, summer in SoCal means less freeway traffic, so I've been breezing into work in 25 minutes, instead of my normal 45.

I kind of like getting the work out of the way early, so I can do a short run after work... or do nothing at all. That would be my favorite choice.

3. It is hot hot hot in SoCal this week. I'm lucky that I live in OC, where it's only expected to be around 90 this weekend, so I guess for a lot of people, that's just called Summer.

I hope it's not a repeat of last summer when it was hot for, like, weeks. Whatever. It's hard being me. I guess it means I'll just have to do my long run by the cool, breezy ocean. The suffering.

 photo 5208_1196405143588_298080_n_zps19a18da5.jpg
Tiny A and Tiny Gabby! Becka, remember when?!

4. I'm volunteering at the start line at Harding Hustle tomorrow! I don't know if I actually know anyone running, but I am really excited. I love volunteering, and since I am planning on a long trail race this fall, I'm really interested to see what goes on.

If you'll be there, let me know! It's supposed to be approximately a BILLION HUNDRED DEGREES, so stay hydrated!!

5. I met Gabby on my way in the other night, where she was busy picking all the flowers off some hedges by our apartment. "Mom, wait, stay with me!". Um. Okay. What are you doing? "Building a bouquet." Oh, fun. Can I help? "No.". Oh. Can I go? "No." Oh. Who is it for? "Someone very special."

And then she gave it to me. "Beacause you're very special to me."
 photo null_zps08e8d287.jpg
I die.


  1. #thesweetest

    I want to try that video! What can I say? I like to kick my own ass.

  2. She might be the sweetest ever. I've thought about doing one of the crazy youtube videos. And then I remember that I'm not that crazy and I don't like pain.

  3. eep. I did pure barre for a while (on an introductory special) and it KICKED MY BUTT. i might have to try this workout as a strength training thing b/c lord knows i never do that, haha.

  4. I'm going to try that video, after my 4th of July run, if it's that painful I don't want to do it before a 10K that I've hardly trained for. What a sweet sweet girl! If you ever get tired of the heat in the OC, come to the Central Valley and enjoy the balmy 106 that we are having, it's supposed to be 109 all weekend, I die!

  5. Kim is trying to kill us with that barre workout.

    I vaguely VAGUELY remember when A and Gabs were that tiny. BARELY.


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