Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I came home last night, after work, and....


25 minutes of arms (with weights, what), 15 min core pilates, and 10 minutes easy yoga. I use an app on my phone with a variety of tabata-style workouts, by Skimble. I'm cheap so I have only the free access, but there's a paid access option too, with more options. For me, these are fine - I'm not invested enough to pay money for an app, when I have tons of other options available to me.

I always forget that I really like doing this stuff when I do it. Dumb, me.

2. We have been hunting for a new place recently, and have come across some real gems in our search.

Did you know rentals in OC (and other parts of SoCal) often don't incldue a refrigerator?

Listed among "features" of a LOT of places are things like, "Sidewalks" and "Curbs" and "Paved Roads". What. You guys, that is not a FEATURE in OC. That's, like, normal existence.

We'll likely be moving out of our current neighborhood, which is good/bad. Good because it's super expensive, our rent has gone up AGAIN, and we'll save a boatload by moving out of the area. We've done a lot of research on the surrounding areas and schools, and think we've narrowed it down to a few communities. Bad because moving is just a giant pain in the ass, and I hate it. Also, everywhere we're looking at is hilly hilly hilly - good for my running/bad for pain levels?


3. This is the truth. The whole truth.

BONUS! This, too, is the truth.

Happy Thrusday!


  1. Moving just two people with a moving company (I know, poor me) is a huge pain in the ass, I can't imagine what moving family would be like. Bleh. Do you have a bunch of friends that you can bribe with free pizza?

  2. MOVING IS THE WORST. I just got notification that my house payment is going up, so it is not just you!

    Sidewalks and curbs... lol!!

  3. When I was buying a new car a couple years ago, one listing boasted that the car had seats. (Not like those other cars in which you have to stand, I guess.) I hope that you find a nice new place even with all your unreasonable demands for paved roads and such. Ha!

  4. I can't imagine moving - we have waaay too much crap. I hope you find a place with a fridge and that allows you to embrace the hills, like SFO and SEA!

  5. Just moved a bunch of big things to chicago -- SUCH a pain.

    also i'm trying to be a decent runner-person and do strength training too. I actually did some core stuff yesterday. go me! also thanks for the skimble suggestion - will be trying out.


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