Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This one time, I ran on vacation. PFTW

Weekend of Gluttony had some pretty horrifying results when I weighed in this morning, despite doing 2 workouts on a 3-day vacation.

A few months ago, we booked a quickie 3-day Memorial Day weekend cruise out of SoCal with the kids - I love cruises, but I wasn't sure how the girls would like it. We gave them an option of a road trip again (like we did last year to Big Sur and San Francisco), camping, or cruising, and they picked cruising.

For me, this is ideal, because there's a finite amount of planning that you can do with a cruise - you pretty much have a limited number of options. I have a tendency to plan plan plan overplan plan obsessively, so this gives my OCD issues some relief.

 photo null_zps6b03cc5f.jpg

Carnival isn't super fancy or anything, but it's a decent produt at a decent price point, and we had fun.
 photo 037_zpsd68fa242.jpg

Marissa (#2) and Gabby spent a lot of time wanting to go back to Camp Carnival, and #1 - brace yourselves - wanted to hang out with The H and me a lot. She went to shows with us, hung out on deck with us, and was generally adorable and un-14-year-old-ish. I know my days of this are numbered, so we took advantage of it while it lasts.

 photo 012_zps431d5017.jpg

 photo 032_zps7420520f.jpg
....and then there's this.... Oh, fickle.
 photo null_zpsdbc39c1d.jpg

Our options out of SoCal are pretty limited - for the weekend we needed to book, there was only the 3-day sailing on Inspiration to Ensenada. I've done this cruise before with a friend a few years ago, and I've been on this class of ship twice before, so it was comfortable. It's not the newest, fanciest ship around, but it's easy to navigate, and not so giant that it feels overwhelming.
 photo 305_zps842b6829.jpg

 photo 071_zps65d004b5.jpg
she was STARVING. The H thought this was hilarious.

Ensenada isn't my favorite port... We wandered around for a few hours, but spent most of the day back on the ship.
 photo null_zps467609fc.jpg

Apparently, it was EXHAUSTING for the girls.
 photo null_zps8943cd71.jpg

I made them all get dressed up for Elegant Night. Gabby didn't want to leave our window.
 photo null_zpsb1595ad4.jpg
 The weather on our only sea day, Sunday, was less than ideal - overcast, windy, and cold. COLD.
 photo 098_zps41e13183.jpg

In a shocking turn of events, I had two REALLY GREAT runs while on board. I am thinking my treadmill hatred is directed only towards the new treadmills in my gym, and not all treadmills universally?? Madness.
Or maybe it was the view? The view didn't hurt.

 photo null_zpseeebd1c7.jpg

4 faaaast tempo miles on Saturday, and 3.5 easy miles Sunday - I really felt good, and intended to run further, but our weather was ROUGH, and it's shockingly hard to balance on a treadmill when the boat is rocking. Instead of just heading back to bed, I followed that with WEIGHTS. I know, I barely even know who I am.

I'm not sure what got into me, but I was up both days and at the gym by 6:30. Fascinating.

I also booked a room on the lowest deck, with the intentions of walking up the stairs all weekend. Did you know, it's a LOT of stairs from the 4th deck to the 12th, where the gym is? Or from the 4th deck, to the 10th where all the FOOD is??? My legs have never been so exhausted.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to undo the damage done by Weekend of Gluttony.

This is probably not ideal refueling for a 9am breakfast post-workout.
 photo null_zps8a602671.jpg
What? We had free drink coupons that had to be used....

I really, really love cruising.
 photo null_zps86432290.jpg

FYI, if you're in the market, I booked this cruise and my last through Destiny Cruise Travel - Debbi is remarkably patient and did not shun me when I changed my mind a million times before booking. Highly recommend!



Last week:
Tuesday: 3.5 crappy miles
Saturday: 4 miles, tempo fast!
Sunday: 3.5 okay miles, weights

This week....
Monday: Yoga/stretching {as in, I already did this!}
Tuesday: 4 miles "easy" {hold on to your hats, I RAN THIS MORNING. It was not good}
Wednesday: Yoga/Cross training
Thursday: 4-5 hills
Friday: rest
Saturday: long {I for REAL need a long run, since I'm running a half marathon in 18 days...}
Sunday: Cross training


  1. I love that you live just down the road and can jump on a cruise ship for a long weekend. Fun, fun.

    And, I want to do the Alaska Marathon cruise in 2017 and S doesn't want to go. Come with me.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. Yay!!

  3. the pics of you and the girls are adorable.

  4. Your kids are growing so quickly! It sounds like a fun weekend :)

  5. I don't ever run on vacation, you win! I love the pics, you all look like you're having a very good time!

  6. I'm super jealous of your ability to do an impromptu vacation! What fun. I think any time you can get any kind of workout in on vacation you've done well.

  7. Wow! LOoks like a great time with the family. The idea of not having to plan is VERY appealing!

  8. I had a week of birthday gluttony vacation fun. I will say that I was still out with a back injury, but I did swim ... sometimes.

    Now, I'm back to eating better and I did a run/swimm session yesterday. Go me. I have to lose this weight.

  9. Damn that looks like fine. I've never been one for cruises (I don't know why, maybe because I get easily seasick) but a short one like that I might like!

    The pics of the girls are so cute! I love how different all their hair is - #1 got dark curls, #2 is blond and straight, #3 is straight and dark. Genetics are weird.

  10. i reallly dont' think you are old enough to have kids that look so old. for reals. :) glad you had fun. and really smart intentions for the stairs!


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