Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings - This is not a fun experiment (Week 5)

Last week was recovering from the Weekend of Gluttony. I ended up down 2.5 for the week, BUT I'm still up 1.5 from pre-Weekend.

Honestly, I did NOT think that 2.5 days of Gluttony could do that much damage. I did not think that it would take two full weeks (at least??) to un-do.

This puts me almost right back where I was when I sarted this "game", you guys.

While it was delicious, I suppose it's not really worth it. What a hassle!

I feel like maybe my next experiment will be "These Microwave Meals are NOT as Advertised!!"

 photo null_zpsc5c5ed64.jpg

I was lacking in the exercise front, for sure, and that would have probably helped knock out some of the extra Weekend weight.
Tuesday: 4 miles outside, easy pace (didn't FEEL easy)
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Arms and Core
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: 4 miles to loserville*
Sunday: more Nothing

*I intended to do a long run, since San Francisco is coming up in less than 2 weeks. The H wanted to run with me (HOORAY!!), so we set out bright and early for a 10 mile loop on the same trails I did a few weeks ago (where it was glorious and the best run ever).

Before we got to 1.5 miles in, I needed to stop for a walk break. I felt off - struggling to breathe, head kind of tight and fuzzy, just no bueno. I did this off and on until I hit about 3.5, and decided there was just no way I was finishing this run. I was dizzy when I ran, and it just was not working out. I sat on a bench for awhile. Tried to run a little bit more. Nothing. We walked home.

We did see this little guy, though?
 photo null_zpsa4a44c54.jpg

It sucked, man.

I guess the good thing was, that my legs felt fine? Lame. I don't know if it's allergies, or just a cold, or what, but it's currently kicking my butt.

So.... there's that.

I'm hoping the head funk clears away - normally I run through head colds, but it's tough when I'm dizzy - long enough for me to get in a few more runs before SF? I guess I'm just really glad I'm only running half.

Plan for this week
Monday: 20 minutes yoga with weights (what), 10 minutes arms
Tuesday: Run 3-4?
Wednesday: Run hopefully/cross train
Thursday: Run in am/#1 end of year awards ceremony in pm
Friday: Cross train
Saturday: Run long FOR REAL
Sunday: Rest?


  1. I really would love to read a frozen meals review post.

    here's to a new week and less funk!

  2. Your symptoms sound like what I've been dealing with for the last month. I think mine are allergies. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. 10 minutes arms sounds so wimpy when typed out. Haha, I know how hard it is!!

    I'm trying to ignore the Diet Pepsi these days. It's so lonely without me.

  4. I mean, those microwave meals certainly are not filling.

  5. Most microwave meals are pretty gross. Except for curries from TJ's, that stuff actually reheats well.

  6. I've had major allergy issues lately, and just a suggestion - whatever you do don't take decongestants for several days leading up to your race. I just had a half where I felt like I was going to die the whole time because my heart rate was just crazy..only thing I could contribute it to was the meds.

    And I hear you on a couple days of bad eating. It's maddening. It can take a week to lose a half pound, then I can gain 6 pounds over a bad weakened that take me a couple weeks to get off too.

  7. i can't believe you do the microwave meals. i think they suck. and are actually not that good for you...


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