Sunday, May 12, 2013

Plan for the Week - 5 weeks to SFM

Going into Eugene, I clearly had some training exhaustion going on. Not that I was over-trained, just that I was.... over it. All of it.

Truth be told, I wasn't really excited about running, and slacked on my training, which made running harder, which made me unexcited to run.... in a circle.

I get a wicked case of race-envy, and ended up running 5 marathons in the last 11 months. Maybe that was too much for me.

So, in an effort to enjoy running and training again, I decided to actively recover/rebuild my base after Eugene. I don't have a goal for SFM, but it would be nice to not feel like I'm dying. I've pretty much jumped back into training after every race for the last year, so - as an experiment - I took one week totally off, and am building back in very slowly.

Good news, I feel great?

Last week....
Monday: nothing

Tuesday: 4 miles easy, strength
This was actually harder on me than I thought, which is LAME because my "strength" was just a 15 minute circuit. I felt it for days. What.

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 4 miles easy

Friday: rest

Saturday: accidental rest
I intended to do 3 miles easy, but a quick 2 hour car repair turned into a 9 hour death march through the mall while a billion expensive things had to get done to our car. No running, plenty of mall wandering.

Sunday: "long" run
5 miles, easy easy easy pace.

Lessons from the week: ummm I didn't hate it? That's pretty promising. While I do miss all of the eating I could do when running 18 miles in one shot, I am kind of digging the shorter mileage and all the freeeeee time. Also of note, in my current state, 10:45ish seems to be my current "easy" pace. So... there's that? I know no one cares about your pace, but maybe I'll want to know this information some day? Eh.

This week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 4 easy
Wednesday: strength - arms, yoga?
Thursday: 5 miles, hills
Friday: strength
Saturday: 3 miles and/or yoga
Sunday: 7-8 easy

Happy mother's day?
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  1. Not hating running is progress. ;) Do what you need to in order to start enjoying it again. It sounds like you're on the right track!

  2. Your easy pace sounds fast! Maybe the week off helped!

  3. I take a few weeks to run however much I want to after road marathons. I don't find myself needing it after trail seasons, but I do for roads. It is nice to get back to running for fun and not having a training plan. :)

  4. I like that you don't hate running, that's pretty important when you're a runner. Also, I like all the question marks in this post, as if you're not really sure if it counted as yoga or a happy mother's day.

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