Monday, May 6, 2013

So... That's over. What's coming up?

First thing on my schedule, is Gabby's port removal. FINALLY. Her surgery went fine, and she's still knocked out in recovery right now. I hope she's prepared for some boredom, because no school for the week, and no activity AT ALL for 2 weeks. Zoinks.

Oh well. LATER, Port.

Switching gears... I took all of last week off as a recovery week. It was kind of nice. The most I did was some stretching and foam rolling, and I'm feeling pretty good - as in, the IT band/quad are quiet.

I dropped down to the 5k at PCRF yesterday (I'll recap that separately), and had a TON of fun. I went out without my garmin, just intending to run on feel, and... luckily, I felt pretty great. I had one tiny twinge running up a hill, but I walked for a few seconds and then it was fine. I'm super excited that there happened to be a photographer RIGHT THERE to capture that, too. Awesome timing.

I ended up coming in faster than I thought I would, which was kind of nice. Certainly wasn't FAST, but it was better than I anticipated for an easy effort.

I'll get back to running this week, I think, but everything at easy pace. I am not really interested in aggrivating the right leg, so I'll see how it goes, and maybe add in some hills/intervals something interesting next week.

So, what's next?

Corona del Mar Scenic 5k, the land of the creme brulee, is June 1st. I PR'ed there last year, and that was fun, but I think this year, I'm just going to go in for a speedy tempo run, and try to kill the hills. I'm certainly not in shape to PR a 5k (ouch), and I don't anticipate being ready in 4 weeks, either.

Speaking of hills.... after CDM5k, I have San Francisco Marathon!!! I'm running the first half this year, which... it's hilly.

I haven't run a half marathon for realsies since PCRF last year (so my 2:11:20 PR stands...). I don't think I'll be trying to PR here, but I'd like to at least run a good, hard effort.

So hills hills hills are in my future.

And after that, I'm empty until Dumbo Double Dare!

I spent last night furiously searching the internet machine for any half marathons in close proximity in the next 4 months, but was unsuccessful. What is that about, SoCal???

So now I'm on a fall/winter race hunt. I'd like to pull out a half and full PR by year's end, so.... CIM is a contender, but we'll see.

Any race suggestions? Only demand is that it has plenty of oxygen. And preferably close by.

Monday: Strength (WHAT?)
Tuesday: Run - 4 miles
Wednesday: Strength again (for real!)
Thursday: Run - 4-5
Friday: Rest
Saturday: hike?
Sunday: 6-8


  1. Isn't it too hot to race a half in SoCal in the summer? Duh, that's why there aren't any.

    Sadly, there aren't that many up here either. Want to go to South Dakota in August? That's where the cool kids will be.

  2. glad to hear all went with the little one.
    have you been searching that's my go-to but you know its dead in the summer months....

  3. Great news about Gabby!
    Rest up so you can run hard!

  4. I really liked the Two Cities Marathon in Fresno. The course is pretty flat for a PR. There's a half there too. I think it is the first weekend of November.

    Or you could check out my local marathon/half in late October called Humboldt Redwoods. Kinda tough course on the full marathon, but it is ridiculously beautiful.

  5. Summer is dead because well we are in the oven! June has Fontana...and Pasadena also....there is the one in mammoth also

  6. I hate summer racing. It is too hot and too humid. But you should come to TX anyway! There are two halfs that are flat as pancakes, one in June and one in July!

  7. Do NOT listen to Steph. SHE IS INSANE. No normal human would INTENTIONALLY run in Texas in summer. THAT'S INSANITY.

    I will tentatively keep CIM on the list.

    Maybe our experiment will benefit my running?


  8. YAY for Gabby!! So exciting to hear! :)

  9. yay for Gabby!! i'm currently plotting my races for the fall. it's all i do. i don't know where i want to go yet though.


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